The Ancestral Legacy! MOD APK (Unlimited tickets) 1.1.5

Updated on 25/03/2023 (2 months ago)
NameThe Ancestral Legacy! APK
PublisherBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited tickets
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The Ancestral Legacy! is an unexpected journey during a boy’s summer trip home. The boy named Lee Kyung, the guy enjoys this summer vacation to visit his hometown to visit everyone and play together after a long time of tiring work. The holiday would be as fun and meaningful as so many others. But in The Ancestral Legacy! Things don’t go so well; a haunted journey is about to occur. Lee Kyung has to go through horrible holidays like never before. The mysterious stories behind the story make the boy curious and follow the direction of the ghosts.

A dark novel is currently the main plot revolving around Lee Kyung’s vacation. Stories on the road with strangers annoy him, but they always whisper in his ear, and he has to answer them. What do you know, every story is presented on the screen in the form of a regular massage. One day, Lee Kyung went to the forest to explore, even though his grandmother told him not to go there alone. But he did what he liked, then whatever happened, a demon appeared. A miscellaneous was aiming at him, at the mysterious Lee family. And from there, things about ghosts and mysteries were gradually revealed, and Lee Kyung’s journey to the horror element began.

Download The Ancestral Legacy! mod – find the mystery in the dark village

Everything wrong related to ghosts wouldn’t have happened if Lee Kyung hadn’t set foot in that forest. The things he faced in the coming days were horrifying and shocking to know the truth. You explore around and find the reality of the long-held truth. The boy encountered a miscellaneous in the forest; it guessed that he belonged to the Lee family and began to plot. It will live in Lee Kyung’s body for seven days and control him. If you disobey miscellaneous orders, you will be in big trouble, even death. With the agreement, the various will leave when eligible, and Lee Kyung will get her to wish.

The Ancestral Legacy mod

The photo album that recreates everything

In The Ancestral Legacy! You will own a treasure trove of photos related to the cases you have been through or are about to occur. You tell your story with pictures to strangers when needed. Players take turns opening the photos from time to time until all albums are completed. The places, emotions, and events that took place are reproduced. Your task is to unlock the hidden pictures; you will know many exciting details when opening them. The strange things that happened to him in the next seven days will also be recorded through photos. Save it and use it in time to find the truth you’re looking for.

The Ancestral Legacy mod apk android

Diverse characters in the plot

You are not alone in this journey; you meet many strangers and chat with them. You can get acquainted with the girl you meet on the street, the middle-aged women in the car, and the people in the village. Especially the grandmother and the housemaid, two people who stay by your side during this holiday season. Thanks to the people who appear in your life, you gain more information, each with their secret. A grandmother hiding the truth behind the forest, what needs to be revealed. When the miscellaneous enters you, the truth is gradually told. The villagers also warned him for the next few days to be careful to avoid trouble.

The Ancestral Legacy apk

The story is sketched through the message line

It can be said The Ancestral Legacy! New style compared to the rest of the game. Players reach out through Lee Kyung’s lines of messages with people and miscellaneous. Everything is done through chat boxes; you will feel like talking with real people. The only people that Lee Kyung comes into contact with are her acquaintances; the rest have never met. But she doesn’t tell you anything; you have to find the truth, surrounded by horror. The conversations are made continuously; everything is messaged via chat every day. That’s interesting; players enjoy a new way, and excitement makes things easier.

The Ancestral Legacy mod apk

When joining The Ancestral Legacy! You will play the role of Lee Kyung, really immersed in to fully feel his feelings. You are involved with mysterious things and dramatic stories between people. Players also have the right to write their storylines through exploration and discovery. The process of miscellaneous infiltration also gives you many different emotions, which are difficult to describe in words. The details are dense; each chapter will have an outstanding event and be experienced by you. Download The Ancestral Legacy! Unfolds thrilling, terrifying stories in the dark village.

Download The Ancestral Legacy! MOD APK (Unlimited tickets) for Android

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