Scuffle officer MOD APK 213 (Unlimited gem/Gold)

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NameScuffle officer APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited gem/Gold
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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A card game is included in the game called Scuffle officer. With unique gameplay, just going through the player guide can enter the main battle. The context takes place in the chaotic Three Kingdoms period, the heroes gradually enter the tough battle. In a land far from the city gate, set up army bases with colorful capitals. There are many talented generals for you to choose from. The three main armies, Wei, Shu, and Wu, as well as the generals, are waiting for your decree. After selecting the strongest soldier generals in the army. You bring them into battle and wait for the fight to take place automatically.

Instead of appearing in the form of a hero character, in the battle will the presence of character cards. The battle screen is the shape of the character. That is the opponent that you need to overcome. Players must calculate which hero in their army can defeat them. Then fully equipped with weapons and items to enhance the stats. Take to the battlefield and wait for victory to come to your hands. In war, there can be many different heroes’ cards involved. The back-and-forth attacks took place one after another. Purple lightning strikes each character’s turn to fight.

Scuffle officer mod

Download Scuffle officer mod – The war between heroes in the chaotic Three Kingdoms period

On a late afternoon, in an area on the edge of the forest covered with a red sunset. The deadly battle is bleak between the hero cards. Let’s refine rare types of magic weapons to help the hero’s ability to win is increased. Enter the quest tower area to find, track and complete quests to earn extra rewards. Deal with the invasions from the south and the exploits of talented generals. The generals are arranged in a zigzag line, they are connected by red arrows. Each victory, if the time is short, will be a maximum of three stars, must have enough stars to unlock the following area.

General Cards

The collection of diverse generals in the Three Kingdoms war opens a full reunion. The generals are designed in a very elaborate and meticulous way. Speed ​​skills, speed to win. Evalina is a magician wearing white clothes. Green energy radiates after each of his attacks. Spender with a fat general, a careless face. Gray energy source with rich phoenix hat. The young Infantry wore bronze armor and held a sharp spear in his hand. Longfellow is the god of thunder, wherever he goes, blue thunderbolts follow. The legendary sword exudes ferocious power.

Scuffle officer mod apk

Champion upgrade

Although entering the battle, the generals all appear in the form of cards. But players can still upgrade, equip weapons, and clothes for the character. A champion can equip up to 6 items, including swords, armor, hats, pants, shoes, and flags. Upgrade items before leveling up your character. The corresponding indicators also lead to an increase. This helps the player’s attack stats in each turn to increase. The amount of blood for the character in the battle is also more, the experience received after each battle also increases. The higher-level items have a more meticulous and detailed design. Just looking at it exudes majesty.

Scuffle officer android

Battle Area

Scuffle officer provides a map of missions at various locations in the area. Each region has different strengths and weaknesses. This is the territory that you can occupy after winning. The edge of the forest with fallen tree stumps and animals running around the area. In a stone yard of the rich but abandoned capital, old objects are scattered all over the yard. The area is dangerously snowy, surrounded by a white color that erases even leaves or cliffs. There is also a rectangular table with different rounds. After having won in 19 surrounding arenas, players can go to the purple boss battle at the end.

Scuffle officer apk

Scuffle officer also provides many new skills for players to explore. After successful territory acquisitions, there are rewards that are given after the battle. There are moon element stones, magic,… Or precious clothes and equipment. Especially the gold bars can never be without. There is also a gold coin in the shape of a gray and white coin. These coins are more valuable and can be used in many rare areas. Download Scuffle officer mod to enter the chaotic Three Kingdoms war with different talented generals.

Download Scuffle officer MOD APK (Unlimited gem/Gold) for Android

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