Match Town Makeover MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.25.2600

Updated 19/09/2023 (10 months ago)
NameMatch Town Makeover APK
PublisherG5 Entertainment
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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Introduce MOD APK Match Town Makeover

Match Town Makeover game will give players new experiences than other entertainment games. In addition to the game screen, you can also build houses, trees, popcorn vending machines … All in here, a large world. Feel free to decorate and design buildings to bring a new look to the town. A lot of things are waiting for you. Let’s explore a little about this game right below.

Welcome to Match Town Makeover, where you can become an architect building the town of your dreams. Where you go, there is a beautiful beach, lovely sea creatures, little crabs running on the sand. Around the beach also need to be cleaned up and opened more stalls and amusement parks to attract tourists. Players are free to choose, change the shape and color of the constructions. You will see a lot of beautiful and new things here.

Match Town Makeover mod free

Download Match Town Makeover mod – Build your dream resort

Mary and her child are having a bit of a problem with their life. She called her father to seek help. But unfortunately, she hears bad news about her house. There was a big storm that swept the town where her parents lived. Everywhere was affected, houses collapsed, trees fell everywhere. All around are ruining after the storm. Worried about her family, Mary decides to move back in with her parents to restore their lives and the people here.

Starting from the house of Mary’s parents, the player will be shown how to restore the ruins. The main items in Match Town Makeover are stars, and players need to find the number of stars corresponding to renovating or building new buildings. To get stars, you need to play match-3 puzzles, fulfill the requirements to win. Collect a lot of stars to fix this place and get everyone’s sympathy for you.

Match Town Makeover mod mod

Colorful pictures

The levels in the Match Town Makeover game are not just monotonous square blocks. There are many other shapes such as umbrellas, teacups, hats… Lots of fun colors right in a match-3 puzzle game. Players can create combos if they put together many similar shapes. Complete quests right in your gaming area. The requirements will vary depending on the different levels. The higher you go, the more difficult it will be. However, you can use additional items at the beginning of the level or in the game. Use all your abilities to win.

Match Town Makeover mod apk

Solve problems encountered

Due to the impact of the storm, the town in Match Town Makeover was almost completely ruined. From ruined houses to fallen trees, nothing remains intact. People are apprehensive and scared after what they’ve been through. Seek your help to restore the town to its original state. The player’s daily work starts here, going to each place to repair everything. From the houses of the people, the beach to the streets of the town. When the houses are redecorated, they will attract many visitors. Turn this place into a great tourist destination.

Match Town Makeover mod

Discover the story of the town

Don’t just focus on playing the game. The dialogue between the characters will connect to create an interesting story of Match Town Makeover. Daily activities of Mary, her son, and her family, interacting with the people. A series of quests will help the player open up the next chapter of the story. Follow the way the characters are restoring their lives. Together rebuild the town and the vast beach. Then this place will become a colorful place to visit and enjoy.

Match Town Makeover mod android

Looking for friends

Players will not have to play alone in this game, and many other players are experiencing it. On the screen in Match Town Makeover, you will see the Friends section, where you can socialize and join the group with other players. Everyone can freely chat with each other, see who will finish the town faster. Chat, find ways to help each other if players, unfortunately, encounter a difficult game. Have fun experiences with your friends.

Match Town Makeover mod free android

Match Town Makeover mod game will give players the most comfortable feeling. With simple gameplay and decorate the town to your liking. Complete way quest items to restore this wonderful resort. Watch Mary and her family support the people here. Discover the interesting story about the beautiful beach, and life takes place here. An interesting game worth your experience.

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