Text Snap MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 4.6

Updated 31/05/2024 (2 months ago)
NameText Snap APK
PublisherSoul Cloud LLC
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Text Snap

Text Snap MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) is an intelligent software that helps users to scan and convert text from images to text with not too complicated operations. Handling and sharing documents has become more critical than ever in today’s digital era. However, many people still have difficulty entering data manually from printed paper or photos. Because of this, the Text Snap application was born to help users to convert photos containing text into text with just a single touch. With this application, users can take a picture or upload an image of the document they want to convert; then, the system will recognize the content in the image and automatically convert it into actionable text. Edit.

Thanks to countless practical features, Text Snap APK mod will become a great assistant for users who often have to draft documents at work or school.

Text Snap mod apk

Download Text Snap MOD APK – Turn any image into text in a flash

With the help of Text Snap APK 4.6 mobile app, users can take a picture of text and make it editable. This application analyzes the image and extracts text data from it using powerful optical character recognition technology, thereby allowing users to convert any image containing text into text in just a few seconds. Short. Users can quickly capture text from a book, newspaper, document or any other information source and turn it into editable text using Text Snap. When you need to quickly copy and paste content from an external source into a text application or send it via email or text, this comes in handy. In addition, users can also change the font family, size and colour of the text to meet their own use needs.

Text Snap mod apk free

Convert images to text quickly

Text Snap MOD APK is a powerful tool developed to quickly and efficiently convert photos to text. With OCR-accurate image recognition and processing, users can quickly and easily convert data from image to text in seconds. Converting images from many formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP, is one of the advantages of this program. Users need to take a photo or upload an image from their phone’s gallery; then, Text Snap will instantly identify and convert the content contained in the image into text. In addition, this application supports multiple languages, making it easy for users to translate text from photos into their preferred language without switching between different applications.

Text Snap mod

Editing and processing text after conversion

Not only making it simple to convert images to text, Text Snap also allows users to edit and process converted text. Thanks to this feature, users can change and enhance the text content taken from the image. The program allows you to correct spelling errors, replace words, add punctuation, and delete words. It also provides more sophisticated word processing tools, such as text formatting, paragraphing, changing font and font size, alignment, and indentation. From there, helping users create attractive, easy-to-read text that can be used in many different situations. The editing and text processing capabilities that Text Snap MOD APK brings will bring many benefits to users in the process of working with text, helping to make everything go more smoothly.

Text Snap mod android

Store and manage converted documents

One of its main advantages is this application’s ability to save and process converted documents. All documents converted from images to text will be stored in a separate folder on the device and organized scientifically so users can conveniently locate the documents they need. In addition, Text Snap also supports users to add notes, organize and search documents by tags or keywords, providing a comprehensive management experience for users. Not only that, this program also allows users to quickly synchronize documents on multiple devices, helping users eliminate complicated and time-consuming conversion steps when using different devices.

Text Snap mod android free

Text Snap MOD APK is a versatile tool that effectively converts images containing text into text and saves time. In addition, it facilitates sharing and exporting in various formats, editing and processing documents, storing and managing converted files, and supports multiple languages for a comprehensive experience. Best.

How to Download & Install Text Snap MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android


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