Texpand: Text Expander MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 2.3.2---80f2631

Updated 18/09/2023 (1 week ago)
NameTexpand: Text Expander APK
PublisherIsaias Matewos
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce Texpand: Text Expander MOD APK

Software that supports typing text will have many types depending on different purposes. Texpand: Text Expander is used to create shortcuts when entering text. There are many cases where writing a long and complicated word document is the perfect savior. Create shortcuts to write text faster. Supports long documents and complex words. Replace them with a keyword you feel familiar with. When typing that keyword, the entire word will appear immediately. Using it for the first time will be quite difficult, but you can type text exceptionally quickly once you get used to it.

Most smartphone keyboards already have a suggestion bar right above. When you type a word not full of letters, the closest words will be suggested above. If you find the right word you want, click on it without writing further. Texpand: Text Expander works roughly the same way. But instead of displaying suggestions, users will manually set up shortcuts. It will make the keywords you write down instantly change to the text you want. Applying more features of this application, you will write documents that save a lot of time.

Texpand Text Expander mod

Download Texpand: Text Expander – A much more convenient method of typing text

Does replying to responses from emails and messages over and over again make you feel bored? Congratulations, you are not the only one experiencing this problem. A few different jobs require an adequate speed and number of replies. If it weren’t for the automated messaging system, we would probably need a lot of people to do it. Texpand: Text Expander provides unique capabilities to generate complete text from characters or acronyms. This way, when texting, you will only need to use shorter surfaces to type a long text.

Do you think reducing the number of characters will not shorten the time by much? Indeed you were wrong. The time between typing a complete word and the characters is less than a second apart. However, when a lot of words are combined into a paragraph, paragraphs put together into a text are a different story. Using characters to form complete words, a sentence that took 10 seconds to write has now been reduced to just 7 seconds. The same applies to an essay. We can save dozens of minutes of tedious and tedious typing.

Texpand Text Expander mod apk free

Create convenient shortcuts

So now choose the phrases that you use the most. Set it with a few characters that are easiest to remember and type. For example, you can shorten your home address to address. Shorten a sentence with standard abbreviations. When typing text, type the correct character, and the reader will appear immediately. That’s the primary usage of Texpand: Text Expander. Remember that the characters are unique and not customizable. The text will not appear if you capitalize a character even though it should be lowercase. This will allow users to create more text just by changing the spelling.

Texpand Text Expander mod apk

Store and search keywords

An unlimited amount of keywords and text will make your list of words grow. You won’t know where to find the word you want at a certain point. That also leads to an unavoidable annoyance. So we have an extra search function in Texpand: Text Expander. Type the characters in the word you want to find. Or you can type the main text and search by any reasonable means. If you don’t want to waste time finding words next time, manage them in order. Order words based on the alphabet, creation time, or several uses. Managing words will make searching easier and faster.

Texpand Text Expander free

Data sync and customization

The keywords and text you add in Texpand: Text Extender will be saved in the Clipboard. You can sync your word lists in Google Drive to ensure they’ll always be around. This should only be done if you use such documents in your daily work. For words with low priority or only used once or twice, you can delete them at any time. When deleted, the words will be put in the trash. They have not been completely deleted if you want to use them again. Then go to the recycle bin and restore it. Managing keywords and documents is also an effective way to practice controlling your work.

Texpand Text Expander mod free

Creating keywords to save time typing is an excellent strategy to be productive. Texpand: Text Expander is the application that was born just for that. So if you want to ask me which is the most effective shortcut maker, it must be Texpand: Text Expander mod.

How to Download & Install Texpand: Text Expander MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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3. Install and enjoy


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