To-Do List MOD APK (Unlocked Pro)

Updated 21/05/2024 (2 days ago)
NameTo-Do List APK
PublisherDairy App & Notes & Audio Editor & Voice Recorder
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK To-Do List

A tool that will be indispensable for those with a busy work schedule. To-Do List is an application that helps you organize the tasks of the day together. In addition, it can also schedule important jobs or events. With this, you will no longer have to be afraid of forgetting any work, and everything will be fully reminded daily. For those who are extremely busy during the week, it is even more effective. That’s why you should download this application right on your device. I will give you a brief introduction to the design and usage of the To-Do List first.

With a reasonably modern look in white tones. Everything around To-Do List looks very stylish and not outdated at all. It also possesses many features that a schedule application should have. What you need to do is add information about each of the different jobs. Until a specific time, it will notify you to be able to start working. Works in tandem with multiple electronic devices. So it is very convenient in many different cases. You won’t have to worry about whether you remember the schedule or not.

To Do List mod

Download To-Do List mod – Smart schedule board for busy people

The interface of the To-Do List is straightforward but still brings a certain elegance. The home screen is where you use to add your schedules. Click the add button to start writing a new program. Depending on the job, you will leave notifications in different types. Then set a specific time for it to notify most accurately. If the number of tasks and schedules is too much, you can still manage them. Search by keywords related to that job to get the most accurate program.

As for the reminder, also decide by the nature of your work. If you only need to do it once, set the timer in one go. If it’s a repetitive job, you need to have a daily alarm for yourself. Please set it to daily reminders. That way, you’ll be reminded every day to do the same thing for some time. Maximizing any extra time in other things doesn’t make sense.

To Do List mod apk

A limited number of choices

For example, a simple job in the office or school. You can select up to 3 jobs in the same schedule. Depending on the importance and order, you will put it in different positions. For example, completing a Chemistry class in class, completing assigned Math assignments, and cleaning up the classroom after finishing. Each completed job, you can leave a small mark. This proves that you have completed today’s work. Or when we go to the market, we can mark the ingredients that are already there. Not only is it a schedule notification tool, but To-Do List also shows convenience in taking notes.

To Do List mod free

Schedule big events

If you have to do a much larger job, consider using a calendar to mark the events that will happen that day. Just tap on any date in the calendar, precisely the date the event takes place. Then give it a significant reminder of your event. Maybe it’s an important meeting, the birthday party of a family member. That way, you will be much more proactive in your time. Preparing everything in advance will make you more professional in the eyes of others. As well as surprise your loved ones. Everyone wants something perfectly prepared in advance. Of course, To-Do List will always support you very enthusiastically.To Do List mod apk free

Workload tracking

You have done the things that I just said above. You feel that you have set schedules and completed them for a very long time. How can you check the amount of work you have done? It’s effortless, access statistics to see how many things you have done in the past time. It is full of information about the jobs you have booked and done. The number of completions and the speed at which they are completed. Although not essential, the To-Do List still evaluates whether you do it sooner or later. Partly to encourage your work spirit, and the rest is definitely to correct your bad habits too.

To Do List free

We live in a world full of work and chaos. Therefore, without a specific schedule of things to do, it will be very tiring. That’s why the To-Do list was created to serve that need of busy people. Gives you the most scientifically arranged schedules. Encourage you to complete the set goals quickly. Remind you to give up habits that affect your work and health. You will need a To-Do List mod in a phase of your life.

How to Download & Install To-Do List MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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