Team SIX MOD APK 1.2.15 (Unlimited money, point)

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NameTeam SIX APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, point
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Diamonds*
3. Unlimited Tactical Points*
*never decrease when you spent

Control all 6 of your armies on a grand scale in the classic game Team SIX. Experience weapons with different features while fighting enemies. Fight the enemy and impress them with your enjoyment on the battlefield. Explore the units in the game for the first time and become a skilled dispatcher. Combine armies in combat to excel in your mission. Choose to kill enemies with a sniper or shoot them down with a single bullet. You will carry out your duty during army gunfights. Call your most potent force with planes to be able to fight.

Vehicles held by 6 squads of soldiers and commanded by you join the battle. Unexpected skirmishes and danger stem from a precision-flying bullet. You will be the winner if the enemy is hit, otherwise the loser will have your name. Assign specific missions to each army and provide them with weapons to advance into battle. Launch a team of strikes against the enemy on military bases and watch out for enemy retaliation. Your vigilance on the battlefield is the factor that leads to easy victory in combat. Enemy bases are where you need to focus and lead the forces you lead to destroy.

Team SIX mod apk

Download Team SIX mod – Destroy all enemy forces

Command your army to attack the enemy and regain the area raided by the enemy. Sites formerly yours have been attacked by the enemy when you let your guard down and ambushed. They imprison the survivors and carefully guard your every move. The soldiers are outside hiding, and You will detect just a little bit of your activity. Massively attacking them is not possible because they can kill your teammates. Recapturing those areas ideally needs to go hand in hand with ensuring the army is safe. Your scouts are very good at disabling news. Start by adjusting the army and regain everything lost.

Team SIX android

Blue army

Your troops are sent on a mission, and their uniforms are blue. The uniform helps the army gather information from the enemy base through camouflage. The enemy will not expect that in their army there are your soldiers in it. The scouts carry out the task of assisting the attacking army in identifying the enemy. The force that the enemy military zone has will not escape your scouts. Your army has an army of missile operators with the most vital attack force. The missiles from this force easily bombarded enemy aircraft systems. Find out the power that each military operates to take on the enemy.

Team SIX apk

Attack the enemy

The armies you have always wanted to hear your command and are ready for any battle. They always wanted to destroy the enemy’s houses in the army zones and take them back. In an area where many enemies gather with their military zone, they can quickly help each other once news of your arrival. The way for you to control the army without the enemy noticing is to ambush them. The surrounding areas are constantly surrounded and patrolled by moving enemies. The commander of the scout troop provided information to the ambush team to avoid their direction. So successfully entered the enemy camp and opened the ambush by taking down the enemy.

Team SIX free

Headquarter upgrade

Your troops will need shelter from enemy ambushes and attacks. You need to build a base for soldiers to live and rest comfortably. In the face of such dangers, the headquarters is where all your troops hide. Ensure adequate food is provided to soldiers so they can fight. You can also turn the base into a temporary arsenal that supplies the troops. The equipment used by the army was directly manufactured in this combat headquarters. The enemy inventory will find weapons that are not unlocked in the centers. Instead, collect weapons from them and bring them back to offices to upgrade.

Team SIX mod

You will run the raids on the enemy base in the game. Your goal is to get back to the areas previously attacked by the enemy. Enemies can counterattack you with full force or weakly blast you through local battles. The battlefield between you and them stretches from the streets to the vast sea. Move your base towards the enemy and attack the shelters. Destroy each enemy stronghold, and the enemy-occupied land will be safe again. Download Team SIX mod to accompany your six armies to attack the enemy’s military zone.

Download Team SIX MOD APK (Unlimited money, point) for Android

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