Tap Tap Fish MOD APK (Free shopping) 1.68.0

Updated 01/02/2024 (1 month ago)
NameTap Tap Fish APK
PublisherFLERO Games
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Tap Tap Fish

Great vast ocean with many different species of fish and creatures. That is the hobby of many people who love the ocean and the creatures that live there. If you are such a person, you definitely will not be able to miss Tap Tap Fish. This very cute ocean simulation game. You will be creating a sea where all creatures live together in harmony. Just thinking about it feels so romantic. Then what are you waiting for, join me in exploring the blue ocean?

Basically, Tap Tap Fish is based on material and images of several wild animals. They live mainly in seas and have a cold smuggled gas all year round. Although there are species that do not live in the same geographic area. But this is simply a relaxing game. So bringing them together is not only cohesive but also very cute. When you feel depressed or lose focus on a certain job. Visit Tap Tap Fish, you will feel lighter and more comfortable.

Tap Tap Fish mod

Download Tap Tap Fish mod – Feel the world gently

Initially, you will be transported to an icy land. There was only one iceberg in the vast ocean. You will start everything from that very iceberg. How to play is extremely simple, just tap the screen. Will receive a certain amount of hearts. Heart units are used to construct new landscapes. Plant plants on the island and most importantly create living organisms. They are miraculous creatures modeled after animals in real life. Mainly lives in oceanic regions and has a cold climate. All make for a wonderful landscape picture.

While gazing at your ice island and enjoying a gentle melodious tune. You can rotate the angle at any angle to see the island from all sides. Completely photographed at any angle I like. At the same time, you can change different tracks. But the common point is still gentle and pure melodies. It helps stabilize your mind and improve a lot.

Tap Tap Fish mod apk

The most adorable creatures

Creatures in Tap Tap Fish are extremely diverse in terms of the ocean and snowy environments. These can include familiar species such as penguins, white bears, sea leopards, snow foxes. Or even whales and many other animals. Small creatures will mainly travel on ice islands. And large species will swim in the ocean. We can still track their activity. Plus the species that fly in the sunny sky. All live in harmony with each other, and they are made by you. See your adorable animals very affectionately and lovingly.

Tap Tap Fish mod pure

Achievements and rewards

In the process of building an oasis, if you try and reach certain milestones. The game will give you amazing achievements with each of your little jobs. Like getting hit 1000 times in a game, or building a certain area. You will be rewarded with a new pearl unit. Each quest can give you from 5 to nearly 100 pearls. When a certain amount is reached. You can exchange those pearls for interesting things. Possibly a new look for each of your animals. Or a beautiful and rare animal like an eagle, a hawk…

Tap Tap Fish apk

Convenient and idle feature

When you don’t have time to game or get impatient with pressing the screen too much. The skill support system will help you to solve those problems. You can use the skill to automatically tap the screen so you don’t have to strain your hands. Or increase the number of hearts after each press. All have a certain duration of effect. And since they are quite expensive, they can only be purchased with diamonds, so use them only when needed most. Or you can watch the ad to counter a certain skill. Also, another way to foster developer revenue. You will also be idler than just going around and around the boring gameplay.

Tap Tap Fish mod pure free

In general, Tap Tap Fish is a fairly simple game, with not too many complicated details. But the important thing that this game wants to give players the feeling of relaxation. Be comfortable and don’t have to worry too much about life. Through the gentle melodies in the game, along with bright 3D graphics. More than that is the beauty of creatures living together in harmony. Will make you feel life is more wonderful and beautiful than ever. It’s great that a nature lover like you can experience the Tap Tap Fish mod.

How to Download & Install Tap Tap Fish MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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