Idle Sea Park MOD APK 24.1.136 (Unlimited money, rewards)

Posted 4 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameIdle Sea Park APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, rewards
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Get rewarded for not watching ads, and currency usage doesn’t decrease, it increases.

People often come to the Idle Sea Park aquarium to visit for entertainment. You will play the role of a strategic manager of this new type of business. Bring the most exotic fish to be modern and sturdy aquariums. Have them swim around and keep your audience entertained. Money will also be collected from all incoming visitors. You can make your dreams of owning an underwater world come true. Unfortunately, this is never too far-fetched to do at this very reasonable time.

It is impossible to mention the sizeable manufactured aquarium for amusement parks. It plays an essential role in marine biology knowledge for everyone. Idle Sea Park will bring it into its play from what is in reality. Allows you to build your career. Explore the fish world and the exciting knowledge that the game provides us. Fun and comfort make the game more entertaining. Allows you to play for hours without ever feeling tired.

Idle Sea Park mod

Download Idle Sea Park mod – Create your aquarium

From an abandoned place, you are ready to turn it into an amusement park of the largest size. And this is an ideal plan, and you will build the buildings you need. First, create a parking lot where customers can park their vehicles. Next is the creation of attractions with aquariums and fountains. It would be best to buy new fish to put in your tanks. These fish will delight everyone and pay a high price to admire. You can also use things other than fish to make customers feel more convenient. All these new services create a perfect aquarium.

Breeding sea animals

After bringing the fish back, you need to feed them to maintain their daily life and development. If you do not provide for a long time, it will lead to starvation, exhaustion, and death. Therefore, the care of fish is the most important in all respects. If you find it too difficult, you can hire the staff. They will feed the fish automatically when they are hungry and need care. Even when these fish are sick, there will be staff to care for them. Ensure the health and balance of each fish you have. Visitors will always see the fish in the best condition.

Idle Sea Park mod free

Collection of many species

The types of fish that you can bring back to your tank are also quite diverse, with many subspecies. For example, we can have small fish such as clownfish, herring, halibut, etc. Even large animals like dolphins, whales, sharks, or killer whales. You can also add a few turtles swimming around. Do not forget to arrange more corals in the tank to give the fish a rich environment. Create an actual aquarium with lots of fish swimming in it. Customers will have to pay higher prices to see rare species. Helping you earn tons of money every second because of the curiosity and curiosity of all the people here.

Idle Sea Park mod apk

Improve ratings

Your park can be ranked higher if there are more fish. The more fish you have, the more points you gain for popularity. You can compete head-to-head with all other players in search of rewards. Top aquariums with the most diverse aquariums will be awarded every week. Thereby also receiving the honor from Idle Sea Park mod.

Download Idle Sea Park MOD APK (Unlimited money, rewards) for Android

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