Tap Tap Dig MOD APK (Unlimited skills/Max levels) 2.2.0

Updated 22/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameTap Tap Dig APK
PublisherIron Horse Games LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited skills/Max levels
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Tap Tap Dig MOD APK Information

1. Increase diamonds
2. Increase Fossils
4. Skill are instant max level after unlock
6. No Skill CD
7. Skills are stackable / multi activation possible
11. Helper lvl up cost(1) gives 100 lvl

Introduce MOD APK Tap Tap Dig

The fascinating idle game that I want to introduce to you today is Tap Tap Dig. Excavation to the deepest part of the center of the Earth. Well, sounds amazing, and looks like this is going to be the biggest project on the planet? It’s not exactly like that, but you can assume it is. Recruit the best miners on the planet. Focus on the work of exploring the center of the earth to see what is secret at the core of the planet on which we live. And of course, this journey will not be alone.

Is it a game with an endless working style without stopping? But for players, it is very idle and does not need too many operations. With the main purpose as mentioned, go deep into the heart of the earth with the most skilled team of miners. Throughout the process of entering the center of the earth. It requires the help of countless machines, a huge force of miners and scientists. And certainly, interesting things will await you on this deep, almost never-ending road.

Tap Tap Dig mod

Download Tap Tap Dig mod – Dig and just keep digging to find interesting mysteries ẩn

You will be transported into a strange space where there is a designated digging area. It is a square of different squares combined. Use the first miner you have, digging each layer down to a new one. This process will be greatly increased for mining. When you make a lot of money. Use it to level up your miners. To speed up mining, there are also new machines, equipment, and miners for you to unlock and work with. The speed of digging through layers will be much faster and more efficient.

In the process of breaking through layers to the center of the earth. You will complete many different tasks to receive more diamonds. Units are worth more than gold to buy special skills and items. The interesting thing is even when you are not in the game. Miners will continue to mine non-stop because they have no concept of fatigue. So rest assured that your project of visiting the center of the earth will not have any delays or breaks.

Tap Tap Dig mod apk

The team of miners Earth most dedicated

According to the instructions, you will spend your money digging continuous layers of soil. Unlock more new miners, among them can be humans or any creature. But with the dedication to work hard. Your work will now be much more crowded and fun. Everyone has different productivity depending on how much you spend and hire them. If it feels slow, upgrade to increase the speed one by one. Along with equipment and items such as explosives, excavators make the job more productive than ever.

Tap Tap Dig mod apk free

Collect fossils and many strange things

When it comes to the depths of the earth, of course, it’s not just earth and sand. The underground always hides many interesting and mysterious things that you cannot anticipate. Exotic fossils and minerals will be the first things you come across. It is easy to identify a stratum that is completely different from the others by its geographical characteristics. Generally, monkeys possess fossils and artifacts. They will give your whole crew of miners more special powers. It could be digging faster or digging a large number of layers in a short time. It all has its own pros and cons.

Get more help from an outside source

Tap Tap Dig still targets many interesting and very real human needs. When your project still has many difficulties in the way. That’s when you will consider calling on wealthy donors to support this project. You will have more modern equipment and machines. As well as a large amount of money to upgrade the essentials to more powerful. And you will have to divide the percentage for those sponsors as a matter of course. Sometimes when digging, there are also more strange phenomena such as black holes. Slimes or pirates appear. Create more attractive effects for you to continue the digging work.

Tap Tap Dig mod mod

With simple gameplay and not complicated at all. Many elements come together to form a unified whole without any hassle. Tap Tap Dig gives players a fun atmosphere and combines many tasks together. You and your team of miners will find out together what is inside the center of the earth. Achieve many high achievements and show them off to your friends. Invite them to play Tap Tap Dig for a fun bonding.

How to Download & Install Tap Tap Dig MOD APK (Unlimited skills/Max levels) for Android


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