Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 MOD APK (Auto win) 1.7.9

Updated 13/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameSweet Fruits POP: Match 3 APK
PublisherDODAM GAMES, inc
MOD FeaturesAuto win
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3

Are you a pick-and-match hobbyist? Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 is heaven for those who love this type of game. Do you still remember the colorful fruit boxes with lots of eye-catching effects? Although the game is somewhat classic, it still retains a great attraction. No plot, no need for fancy design, and you need a sharp eye and a strategy before connecting the various fruits. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a genuinely entertaining game!

Opening up in front of you is a chessboard full of fruits. They are arranged haphazardly to challenge the keen eye of the player. Match three or more fruits of the same type and complete the task. With many levels and increasing difficulty, this game is beautiful for gamers. Do you dare to challenge yourself amid an eye-catching fruit lineup? Pay close attention and look for the most profitable connections. The game will challenge you with increasing difficulty, but the gift is also beautiful. Prepare a great deal of patience and get started now!

Sweet Fruits POP Match 3 mod apk

Download Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 mod – Smart connection strategy

How far will you complete the game? With the core criterion of connecting three similar fruits, you still need to have a meticulous observation. The more you enter the next round, the more complex the difficulty will be. Many more conditions are put in place for you to meet, and you must control to complete and not exceed the time in the given time. Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 also has more special points when you play at higher levels. Matching more than three fruits to accumulate more benefits is also essential. Think carefully before you choose a trio of the same or more like that. They will help you clear a lot of obstacles and accumulate more points. The bright colors and pleasing sounds will make you unable to take your eyes off this game.

Sweet Fruits POP Match 3 mod

Challenge increases with level

Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 has more than 3000 levels for players to explore. You will receive more hints and requests made each round. It all revolves around matching three or more of the same fruit. However, you will only conquer the high levels when you play strategically to get through the low rounds. Try to connect as many as you can. This is how you create a giant fruit that has the power to connect even distant ones. The fruit board will quickly be dealt with for you to continue to the inner circle. The boundless attraction of observation and calculation will make you unable to stop. Although it is a super-friendly version, you still find a lot of fun in this game.

Sweet Fruits POP Match 3 android

Many attractive gifts

Each round has tough challenges but also loads of exciting gifts. You will accumulate a lot of gold coins through each game. Gold coins can help you destroy obstacles in just one note. Don’t forget to use the magic hammer to help you deal when needed. This is a must-have tool when you need to break through obstacles. Conquering the rounds of Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 is simpler than ever. You need to focus on seeing and predicting the direction of the fruits. There are effective ways to connect to pass the round quickly. Many attractive and valuable gifts are waiting for you in the following games. Be patient and only use hints when needed. You should only use help when you can’t find the fruit locations anymore. They are limited and should only be applied to more challenging rounds.

Sweet Fruits POP Match 3 apk

Super friendly game

Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 is considered by many players to be the national game. This is a super relaxing game for almost any audience. You can play any instrument you have. This is a delightful spiritual gift for adults and children alike with its simplicity and playful colors. You can thoroughly entertain even without the internet. Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 offers a super pleasant experience for users. The operation and instructions in the game are also effortless. You only need to learn how to play once, and you can play confidently on your own. Now entertainment can take place whenever you want. Just open your phone and immediately experience the colorful display of energetic fruits.

Sweet Fruits POP Match 3 apk free

This is a purely entertaining version of the game for anyone. You need to observe carefully and carefully calculate, and the game rounds will be conquered by you quickly. Although not a new motif, this game brings unexpected appeal. Download Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 mod to challenge your eyes’ intelligence and superhuman predictability.

How to Download & Install Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 MOD APK (Auto win) for Android


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