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Updated 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameSweet Cubes APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Money/Booster/Moves
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Sweet Cubes

Go with friends through the puzzle levels of the candy world in Sweet Cubes. You will join a girl who dreams of becoming a baker in the sweet world. This is a world of candies with different shapes and flavours to explore. However, the candy world’s enemies have used them to create challenges to prevent. Those are puzzles built with sweets you must overcome with the girl to continue the journey. But don’t worry because the puzzle process will help you understand this world. Explore the sweet world of candies by successfully solving puzzle levels.

Lucy enters the world of candies to become a talented baker. And in her mind, there was no more suitable place to practice her baking skills. But she needs a companion, and you will be her chosen companion. You also have a passion for sweets and cakes, so you will decide to enter here. But the two were challenged because the candy world enemy appeared and stopped. So they used sweet candies to prevent this journey. However, you and the girl who is passionate about the candy world will not give up and are ready to overcome the challenge.

Sweet Cubes android

Download Sweet Cubes mod – Solve puzzle levels of the candy world

You will be accompanied by a cute girl entering the world of candies to discover. That is where the girl named Lucy’s goal of becoming a professional baker is nurtured. However, the candy enemy has found every step in this plan, and they will stop it. He entered this world first and created many challenges out of the candy nature. And to become a talented baker, Lucy must overcome all the sweet puzzles. But Lucy’s enemies don’t know that puzzles will help her progress. Join Lucy to challenge candy puzzles and continue with the goal of becoming a baker.

Sweet Cubes apk

Candy world

The girl Lucy’s dream journey began when she entered the sweet land. This is the world of candies and the best place for Lucy to improve her skills. And she believes that her experience in the candy world will help her make cakes. However, this journey is interrupted when she meets her enemy in the candy world. A mischievous cat hinders her in every plan to become a baker. But Lucy will continue her journey before the puzzles with your help. Explore the candy world with Lucy and overcome the enemies that prevent her from realizing her dreams.

Sweet Cubes mod apk

Freeing the imprisoned candies

You will be with Lucy to explore the world of candies to learn the recipe. There are many kinds of sweets in this world, and you will study them with her. However, there are puzzles made from the sweet candies of the world ahead. Lucy discovers that the person behind the puzzles of the candy world is the enemy who always stops her. And in the candy world, she faces enemies in candy puzzles. He created sweet puzzles to stop Lucy’s progress in making cakes. So join Lucy in solving candy puzzles and defeating enemies in puzzles.

Sweet Cubes mod

Explosive puzzle levels

Lucy’s enemies used a variety of candies to create sweet puzzles. And to continue their journey to become a talented baker, Lucy must overcome those puzzles. You are trusted by Lucy to be chosen as a companion and will join her to challenge all puzzles. But with your ability, you will connect candies and help Lucy solve puzzles. Each time the puzzle is successful, the sweetness of the sweets will explode so Lucy can learn. And it was a precious time for Lucy to continue her dream of becoming a baker. Use your puzzle skills to flash candy puzzles, and keep dreaming with Lucy.

Sweet Cubes free

You will support Lucy in realizing her dream of becoming a baker. And Lucy decided to go with you into the candy world to learn how sweet they are. However, when you come here, you and Lucy meet her enemies in adorable candy puzzles. So you will help Lucy combine candies of the same type to create explosive candy flavours. And that will be when Lucy continues her dream of learning the taste of candies. Puzzle success will also help Lucy soon fulfil her goal of becoming a talented baker. Download Sweet Cubes mod to connect sweet candy blocks and help Lucy conquer the lovely world.

How to Download & Install Sweet Cubes MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money/Booster/Moves) for Android


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