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Updated 11/07/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameSweet Cookies Kingdom APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Sweet Cookies Kingdom

Sweet Cookies Kingdom is a match-3 puzzle game with a gameplay that has become highly familiar. Like its name, the game will take gamers to the sweet cookie kingdom. Your task is to explode the cakes and sweets by arranging at least three of the same type in a vertical or horizontal row. Sounds a lot like diamond and Candy Crush games, right? But this exciting game also has its own distinctive features, only this game has. The delicious, beautiful cookies made both adults and children nostalgic. Now those attractive cakes are brought into the game by the publisher along with the tasks. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Sweet Cookies Kingdom has enough features to challenge every gamer as a puzzle game. Still simple operations, slide up and down, slide left and right to break blocks of the same type. The first levels are simply tutorial levels for players to get used to the game. Later, when the number of levels is high, the game’s puzzles will be much more difficult. When the amount of items to collect is not tiny, the number of moves is not infinite. That’s when players need to be careful with each of their decisions. Calculate how each move your candy can achieve maximum effect. Play Sweet Cookies Kingdom to explode the candies in the cookie world.

Sweet Cookies Kingdom mod apk

Download Sweet Cookies Kingdom mod – Break candy in the cookie kingdom

This game is expected to continue the achievements of its predecessor, Jewel Water World. Still simple gameplay with familiar operations, but this game still has its own substance. Use images of attractive cookies and candies to create curiosity for players. The game has an uncountable number of levels; when you earn enough stars, other levels will be opened. Each level contains puzzles and tasks to challenge the thinking of gamers. There will be levels where you even need your luck to pass. Along with the challenge are the beneficial help that the developer brings. The game has many different forms of power-ups when the player breaks more than three candies. So, consider it and don’t waste any help.

Sweet Cookies Kingdom mod

Challenging missions

The infinite number of levels is evident in a puzzle game like this. However, to unlock the next level, the player must collect a certain number of stars. And to get stars, do nothing but complete the level with the highest score possible. However, the puzzle will become more and more complicated, the items will be related to each other. For example, you have to break four candies to get cookies, but those candies are hidden under the cupcake. This means the player must first destroy the cupcakes by exploding the candy next to them. The fact that the objects link together creates attractive and challenging levels. And the most important thing, a principle players must not forget. Carefully consider your every move.

Sweet Cookies Kingdom android

Various power-ups

How can you solve the puzzles if you are worried that the game is so challenging? Then rest assured, the game will give you a lot of candies with different power-ups. For example, if you break four candies in a row, four in a row, you will have a special candy. They will have vertical or horizontal white streaks, when swapping them, you will break the candy in a cross shape. If you break six candies into two perpendicular lines, you will have an exploding candy. Then, break four candies arranged in a square, and a bee will appear, exploding another candy. And yet, if you explode six candies, four colored candies will appear. It can help you to destroy all candies of the same color in one move.

Sweet Cookies Kingdom apkfree

Eye-catching graphics

In addition to the game screen and attractive puzzles, the candies possess unique powers. The game’s visual effects are also a highlight that needs to be mentioned. The candies and cookies look very realistic and can satisfy the eyes of gamers. When the candies broke, the cakes flew up to the item storage area, which was very flattering. Not stopping there, when the power-ups are activated with explosive effects, light streaks and vibrations appear. Those are exciting animations, enough to make players scream in joy. In addition, the scene behind, connected with the context of the game, is also extraordinary. Houses made of chocolate and buttercream close together are enough to create deliciousness.

Sweet Cookies Kingdom apkfree 1

Inheriting the gameplay of its predecessors, along with the developer’s creativity. The game is attractive enough to most gamers, including the elderly. Puzzles that require clear thinking, special candies, and eye-catching animation. All of the above factors gave birth to a great match-3 game. Download Sweet Cookies Kingdom mod to hunt candy in the sweet cookie kingdom!

How to Download & Install Sweet Cookies Kingdom MOD APK (Auto win) for Android


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