Survivor Master-Sifu MOD APK (Menu/EXP multiplier) 1.9

Updated 24/02/2024 (1 week ago)
NameSurvivor Master-Sifu APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/EXP multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Survivor Master-Sifu

Survivor Master-Sifu MOD APK takes you on a challenging adventure path. This roguelike game immerses you in the role of a swordsman wandering in a world full of chaos. In this game you will learn skills and techniques from different disciplines. In a chaotic world where factions are fighting each other for supremacy. There are secrets that could change the game and reshape the fate of this unfortunate kingdom. Through the chaos, purging some factions with bad intentions was possible. From there, a stronger, more developed and hierarchical kingdom was created.

The game opens with a video with the instructions of the supreme master. From there, you can know what you should do, your perspective and your direction in this turbulent time. In this chaotic world of Jianghu, many factions are fighting. They want to gain unparalleled secrets that change the fate of the world. Because you are holding the precious secret left by your master, many factions have chased you. This has put you on a hunt with no way out. You can threaten your own life at any time. You stand between two difficult choices. Leave Jianghu, destroy the secret and become an ordinary swordsman.

Survivor Master Sifu android

Download Survivor Master-Sifu MOD APK – Become a talented swordsman to protect the kingdom.

The rest that you can do as a clan sworder. That is to pursue your cultivation journey and become a great swordsman. This is what you will choose after thinking about the situation of this chaotic kingdom. But to do that, you have to defeat dozens of enemies. At the same time, you must actively train and improve your skills to escape the siege of ferocious mages and monsters. Your survival depends on your patience and ability to assess situations quickly. The intuitive control system helps you quickly immerse yourself in the battle. You are bringing players the most exciting experience and battles.

Survivor Master Sifu mod

More than 100 costumes

You are entirely free to adjust and personalize the character as you like. With over 100 different outfits and accessories, you can mix and match them freely. Create a unique fashion style for your character. Whether you choose a male or female character, there are accessories to match them. Make your character stand out and more attractive with many different styles. Players can buy these skins with gold coins and gems received for winning matches when it feels like the character has been wearing the costume for too long. You can completely change them to your liking at any time.

Survivor Master Sifu mod apk

Game mode

Survivor Master-Sifu offers different game modes, including two main modes. One is level fighting with the demons in the dungeon. Second, you can accompany other players in the game to fight. In level mode, you have more than ten challenges in the dungeon to overcome, interspersed with exciting minigames. In the battle mode with other players, you can choose one of many other players to fight together. Mainly, you can make friends with players who have the same style as you. Whenever needed, they can support each other in fighting other violent monsters.

Survivor Master Sifu apk

Bonus minigames

When resting before tough battles, players can also participate in side games. Survivor Master-Sifu MOD APK provides a lot of mini-games to help players collect rewards and resources. Like games that roll the dice, move or spin to win. In addition, if players regularly log into the game daily, they can receive corresponding rewards. The longer the chain of login days, the more significant and more valuable the reward. The lucky draw also has the opportunity to receive rare rewards. Precious stones can fuse weapons or upgrade the player’s strength.

Survivor Master Sifu apk free

When not participating in combat, your character should also train his body. Through strength training exercises, your character becomes more and more powerful. Learn new moves to be able to fight different factions around the world. Many instructors always accompany you, leading you on the path of learning. When fighting, players also need to come up with appropriate tactics not to be destroyed. The other sects must panic when they meet a heavy opponent like you. Download Survivor Master-Sifu MOD APK from an unknown sworder who wanders all day to become the leading hero of the sect.

How to Download & Install Survivor Master-Sifu MOD APK (Menu/EXP multiplier) for Android


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