Eroica MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Skills, MP/Freeze Turns) 1.7.1

Updated on 28/01/2023 (1 week ago)
NameEroica APK
PublisherFourThirtyThree Inc
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Skills, MP/Freeze Turns
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Eroica MOD APK Infomation

V1 Menu

  • Skill CD/MP (activate before you enter the Stage)
  • DMG (Enemy also)
  • Ignore Enemy on the Map
  • Freeze Turn (All killed enemies die after you deactivate this feature)

V2 Menu

  • Immortal
  • Onehit
  • Unlimited skills

Magical worlds do not exist only in fairy tales as we know them. With Eroica, you will be able to travel to this place and be immersed in its fantastic scenery. Pretty much all the things I’ve never seen there. Use strange powers and fight enemies everywhere. Join your friends on the road to becoming elite adventurers.

There are people in the market who love anime-style games. So they need something that has the essentials and suits their preferences. Knowing this, FourThirtyThree Inc developed and released the game Eroica. This is a role-playing game with strategic elements. Set in a fantasy world with the magic of magic and legendary creatures. Create the perfect place where you can go on an adventure wherever and whenever you want.

Eroica mod

Download Eroica mod – Adventure throughout the magical kingdom

Are you a warrior looking to find yourself? Then just hit the road and start learning new things. With Eroica, you do not need to manipulate too much like other games. Instead, it is possible to control the characters with just light touches. This is a turn-based attack game, so you have to follow its rules. You and your opponent will attack each other in alternating waves. Keep doing this until one of the sides falls to the ground. With your attack, you can use special skills to your advantage, at any cost, must-win.

Eroica mod free

Great character

In Eroica, there are many mighty warriors from all over the world to join the adventure. They are the chosen people who possess abilities beyond the ordinary. There are three prominent roles as shadow, mage, and assassin in a squad. These characters are classified according to their roles and skills. For example, Molavi is a shadow that can attack and create adverse effects on enemies. Airi is a mage that can increase the attack or defense of a team. Not only that, their strength will be classified by ranks as R, SR, SSR. The higher the tier, the greater the potential they possess compared to others.

Big world

Unlike other boring turn-based games, Eroica focuses on user experience more. The interaction of this game is therefore also significantly increased. Create a big and open world for you to visit everywhere easily. From small towns, kingdoms to magnificent palaces. The characters around can talk to you comfortably. Fight enemies on vast savannas or deadly dungeons. You were even riding on a ship that can fly through the air. All the images you see are extraordinarily vivid and extraordinary, like a movie.

Eroica mod apk

Fight with the enemy.

On this journey, we cannot avoid encountering our opponents. In the exploration and discovery, the thing that you experience the most is mythical creatures. Be it elves, rock monsters, venomous snakes, or scary monsters with many unique abilities. Not only that, there are tycoons with enormous sizes. They can only use one blow to blow your squad away. Giant dragons, super pythons, and tons of great things await you at the end of the levels. So the strength of the team is the main factor that you need to pay attention to first. Don’t let your heroes fall into danger.

Eroica mod android

Dive into the story

While enjoying the story of the game, you will witness a lot of exciting parts. The lines that the character mentions are related to something. Thereby combining with missions and battles to complete the set requirements. Can solve challenging puzzles to unlock never-before-seen secrets. Delve into ancient caves or ruins to uncover forgotten powers. As time goes on, your team has to improve its ability to cope with the challenge posed. It won’t be easy, but in return are the valuable rewards that the game brings.

In Eroica mod, you also have the opportunity to own hundreds of Anime characters with super cool personalities and styles. Witness how they display their skills to destroy their opponents ruthlessly.

Download Eroica MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Skills, MP/Freeze Turns) for Android

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