Survival Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money, dumb enemy) 0.2.2

Updated on 01/05/2021 (2 years ago)
NameSurvival Simulator APK
PublisherCatsbit Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Survival Simulator is a pretty interesting game, which takes you into an environment that resembles an island. You may have heard of the character Robinson Crusoe and his adventure. Deserted island life is full of arduous, after a long time, also return to the homeland. In Survival Simulator, the player is as if they were the old Robinson, a lonely one in the jungle. Here is full of animals and dangerous hostile forces are stalking you. You will in turn explore the environment, barracks and collect ingredients there. Players must be able to defend themselves, creating weapons and tools taken in the wild.

Survival Simulator belongs to the genre of survival simulation, the main character can be harmed at any time. In this mysterious world, as long as you survive and survive. Kill walking zombies and cannibals. First, you need to find food and firewood to craft some rudimentary tools and build yourself a shelter. Since the goal is to survive, you must always believe in yourself. Now prepare to fight. Your survival adventure is about to begin. If you do not like the harsh gameplay, Rysen Dawn or Dictators: No Peace will help you less stress.

Survival Simulator 1

Download Survival Simulator mod – Brave warrior on a desert island

Your courage is also a factor as a premise in Survival Simulator. You will be the one who decides everything because the game requires a character to survive. In addition to creating weapons yourself, you also have to upgrade their strength. This is essential when you want to acquire new tools. This will give you more possibilities and higher chances of winning. You not only win against wild animals and zombies but also dominate nature.

Survival Simulator MOD

How to face challenges

Do you have what to survive in this forest alone? Take advantage of the map, bow, and fringe you’ve crafted before. The bow and arrow can take down the target with one of your precision shots. Take the magic edge, accelerate and aim properly. Then you have beaten you all the zombies. Get around and try to avoid anyone who wants to attack you. This place doesn’t seem to be for you as things look quite complicated. The creatures are very rarely friendly with outsiders. You want to survive until the end, go ahead and defeat all these aggressive zombies.

Survival Simulator FREE

The Survival Simulator screen shows the full way to move the character. You completely control the character easily by just rotating the arrows. The arrows move left, right, up, and down and there are two arrows to jump up again. When you want to run fast, just press the accelerator button available on the main screen. It’s simple and convenient, isn’t it?

Danger everywhere

Are you alone fighting hordes of zombies and walking dead animals in Survival Simulator? Shoot zombies and those who cannot afford to survive, otherwise you will die. This island is huge and has a lot to explore. Let’s build a strong base to kill zombies as much as possible. Face everything that is stalking you bravely. Look for food sources to deal with predators that just want to devour you.

Choose what is needed

After defeating zombies or wild animals, you will be entitled to get items in each wooden box. Pick up the necessary items to put in your backpack, serving to defeat other opponents. In Survival Simulator, you can also change outfits for your character. In addition to pants, clothes, shoes, you can also wear a mask for them.

Survival Simulator APK

Experience survival in the wild

Survival Simulator is a simulation game so most of you can notice almost anything related to survival. Search for food, gather resources, build shelters, defend against wild animals … Everything is in Survival Simulator. The details in the game will make participants shocked and amazed. From building shelters in unique buildings to experiencing the smallest things. Survival Simulator has everything you need to care about. In order to hunt for food and fight wild animals, you will have creative weapons to be ready in this. Truly the experience in Survival Simulator is very great.

Survival Simulator APK MOD

Quickly join this amazing adventure. Surely you are looking forward to being able to explore the mysterious forest, create your own tools to fight. Hurry up and download the Survival Simulator mod now to contribute to destroying monsters. Are you the last to survive on a deserted island and win? Join now to find the answer for yourself.

Download Survival Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money, dumb enemy) for Android

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