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Updated on 05/10/2022 (2 years ago)
NameRysen Dawn APK
PublisherR-USER Games
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Rysen Dawn is a simulation game. In this game, players will be role-playing as Rysen. A streamer performs professional Parkour performances. Certainly, the dance is called Parkour, also commonly known with a more understandable name than Free running. It is a subject that many people are curious about when they hear about it. Parkour is almost a sport but not a sport. Considered a dance, but not with the same type of display. It is like martial art but there are no “relatives” of martial arts.

Like breakdance, hip hop, parkour is considered an art in the modern world of young people. The main feature of Parkour is that the performer must move proficiently through jumps, acrobatics,… on different uneven terrain. This move has to be done very quickly. People who play this subject are often adventurous. They engage in jumping and acrobatics in dangerous terrain. Therefore, this subject requires players to have high practice. Perform the jumps very accurately, otherwise, the consequences are very unpredictable. If it is mild, the arm may break, or if the leg is severe, it can lead to death. Therefore, Rysen Dawn was born for those who are passionate about it.

Rysen Dawn free download

Download Rysen Dawn mod – The famous Parkour master

Because this is a quite dangerous subject and it takes a lot of practice to be able to play it. So Rysen Dawn is a very great game. This is a simulation game of this game. If anyone is interested in wanting to experience but afraid of danger or do not have time to practice. Welcome to Rysen Dawn, to say this is really “true love” for you there. Here, you can practice without the fear of injury. And easily perform gorgeous jumps.

Rysen Dawn mod

Simple, easy gameplay

At the beginning of the game, players will be trained to try their jumps and acrobatics. After that, the player will officially start playing. On the screen, there will be 3 main control buttons. The navigation button on the left corner of the screen and the right corner is the button to jump and crouch. You can perform parkour hops by using them at the same time. Or perform a simple parkour jump by tapping the emoji system in the game. Choose to higher levels to continue sharing your skills and profit from them.

The character’s outfit

Rysen can be changed to more fashionable outfits. It depends on your style, but on one condition, you have to have money. To be able to buy nicer costumes. Players need to help Rysen live stream and make money. Every time you complete the challenge and finish the live stream, you’ll get some money back. The more beautiful and impressive jumps you can perform, the more viewers will be. From there, your income will also increase. After that, you will feel free to choose clothes and change for Rysen to a more beautiful and fashionable style.

Rysen Dawn mod apk

Perform parkour techniques

You can perform amazing parkour performance techniques. Climb up from a container in a harbor. Perform great jumps and show off your talents. Earn income and become a popular streamer with many fans. Positive inspiration for everyone. Best of all, you can easily exercise your passion. Do an easy, simple thing that is practically hard to do without long enough practice. Rysen Dawn is really a game worth your experience.

Listen to favorite music

In this game, players will be able to play and enjoy the music at the same time. Players can choose their favorite card with the emotion system in the game. What could be better than when you have just done a subject that you are passionate about. Combined with listening to a piece of favorite music. Especially, if you just performed the top dance moves and heard more exciting songs. It will give you a spirit of extreme excitement and refreshment.

Really, if anyone knew and admired the people who played Parkour. Surely will want to try this game experience to feel those wonderful jumps. And for those who do not know this subject, then surely they will be very curious and want to know what this subject is? How to play? Play with or not? Is it difficult to play? Then Rysen Dawn seems to be a game that can satisfy everyone. Satisfied with entertainment, fun. And the application of simulation for people can imagine how fascinating this art is.

Download Rysen Dawn MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android

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