Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG MOD APK 1.2.3 (Menu/Free Purchase/God Mode/Attack Multiplier)

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NameKnight Hero Adventure idle RPG APK
PublisherALMA Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free Purchase/God Mode/Attack Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Become a hero entering the magical world and defeat the evil in Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG. Ancient villains have appeared and destroyed everything the kingdom has built. The monsters gradually destroyed everyone’s efforts to build a peaceful life. Monsters attacked the kingdom’s castle and harmed everyone inside. Witnessing this with your own eyes, a hero like you must step out against ancient monsters. The princess has been taken away, and the next heir to the throne has also been detained. So go up the road to destroy the evil enemies and chase them to save the princess and prince.

The magical world surrounds everyone, including the castle that brings peace. But the peaceful kingdom was invaded by ancient monsters that disturbed everything. Not only that but every place in this magical world is also affected by monsters. The sky seems to have become darker since the monsters and life has calmed down. The monsters not only brought destruction to the kingdom, but they also had a plot. The prince of the whole kingdom has been kidnapped by them and cannot continue to succeed. The magical world has been turned upside down by monsters, and let’s be the knight to chase them and rescue everyone.

Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG android

Download Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG mod – Become a knight to defeat evil

You will be tested when you have the opportunity to become a knight in the fun world of magic. However, this place has been invaded by ancient monsters and soiled everything around. The negativity that monsters bring has made everything in this world not as it was before. The lands are no longer fresh, and the people are no longer happy. People dare not go out and have to hide from them in their houses to be safe. Even so, the monsters still managed to destroy and capture the prince and princess of the kingdom. Bravely step out and become the only knight to go up and defeat the enemy.

Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG free

Battle knight

As a knight, immersing yourself in combat is what proves your strength. The proof for courageous people is to dare to overcome challenges to reach the finish line gradually. And as a knight, your mission in the magical world is to rescue. Nothing is more honorable than taking control of the knight and going up the path to slaying monsters. Not for personal gain but for protecting the world and rescuing innocent people. Raid into the dungeon where monsters are holding the princess and prince to rescue them. The knight is ready to fight, and you must accompany him on the long road ahead.

Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG apk

Knight’s journey

You play as the knight and join him in the face of powerful but destructive enemies. Need to defeat each monster along the way to get closer to the goal of the rescue. Your enemies can be mighty with the bosses behind and running them. So you need to accumulate experience for the knight so that he can be strong on the way. The path knight went through to rescue not only the monsters but also their traps. The levels you have to go through will force you to fight alongside the brave knight. The rescue mission is on, and let’s step on the knight’s path and start the journey.

Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG mod apk

Knight’s weapon

Undertaking the rescue mission, the knight must have his weapons ready for battle. Your historic battle against the enemy will be determined by equipment. You are an excellent knight coming out of the kingdom and can be ready to fight evil. The power from your weapons will be the only thing that can hold them back in battle. The knight you control can use fire to burn enemies or ice to block them. Or it can be used in combination to get offensive and defensive abilities in combat. Become a knight and confront the dark villains who have kidnapped the prince and princess of the kingdom.

Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG mod 1

The whole kingdom has been disturbed due to the appearance of the dark evil in this world. They attacked the palace to capture the princess and prince and take them to the dungeon. As a knight in this world, you must stand up and protect everyone, no matter who they are. Their threat has spread worldwide, and no one seems to be able to protect themselves. The journey that knights fight in the dungeons will have your enthusiastic contribution. Along with that, the weapon is what the knight needs to use to be able to defeat the villain more easily. Download Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG mod to become a brave knight and save the world.

Download Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG MOD APK (Menu/Free Purchase/God Mode/Attack Multiplier) for Android

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