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Updated 07/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameSupreme Stickman Fighter APK
PublisherGosuGame Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Supreme Stickman Fighter

Everyone loves fighting games because it is a playground to perform skills and manipulation in the most obvious way. Throughout history, fighting games have gradually been born and become a monument in the eyes of gamers. Typically the series Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, but many other games I can not finish here. For today, I want to take the time of this article to introduce you to a fighting game. Simple but equally attractive. That’s the Supreme Stickman Fighter.

Bring the theme of fighting and fighting on stickman graphics. A design that is quite familiar to some people who play web games mainly. The Supreme Stickman Fighter depicts street fights between many warriors from different worlds. Everyone has a certain kind of power and ability to use in matches. Because it is a fighting game, the requirement is quite high on the control and manipulation of the character. It may take some time for you to learn and practice. But once mastered, nothing can stop you. Become a martial artist with the strongest skill. Cyber ​​Fighters Premium, Hills of Steel 2 are two other games if you need more complex gameplay.

Supreme Stickman Fighting mod

Download Supreme Stickman Fighter mod – Competition to become number one boxer

The game does not aim at the plot of any individual character. Just like in the old fighting games. You are just the controller of the fighters. Show off your skills. Beat other boxers with your own hands. The boxers are inspired by many characters in popular movies, comics, and cartoons. And designed in the form of a stick man. You are free to choose the characters. The special thing is that they possess their own special powers according to the original work of the work. Not just ordinary punches and kicks. This is a big difference, as they stimulate the player’s creativity to the greatest extent

Control only one joystick on the screen to move the character. The rest are invisible manipulations like punching, kicking, tossing skills evenly from pressing your screen. It sounds quite simple and like a joke. Because inherently a fighting game must have a combination of buttons suitable for hitting, casting, and dodging. But with interface in Supreme Stickman Fighter. The character’s way of attack is completely random. Push the challenge and tension of the matches to the highest level.

Supreme Stickman Fighting mod apk

Practice and practice

There are all 2 modes in the game, which are against the machine and the match. In match-to-machine mode. Your opponent is a machine that is pre-programmed to strike, dodge and attack you. This is the arena for new players to practice skills. Although they are mechanical, they are not weak when it comes to powerful attacks. Because skills are in a certain order, they are the main weakness that makes it easy to defeat them if you get used to it. Next is PvP, here you will participate in the real arena. Face off against other players, learn their skills, beat everyone, and climb the leaderboards. Fighting real players will always be more interesting and engaging.

Supreme Stickman Fighting apk

Many famous characters

Although designed in the form of a stick man. But it is not difficult for you to recognize the appearance of famous characters. Mainly, Supreme Stickman Fighter takes the shape of characters with enormous power to increase attractiveness. You will be controlling Goku, Naruto, Megaman, Mario… Along with many other characters that you can play. Each of them possesses a power that is exactly the same as their original strength in other works. As Goku can shoot energy, Naruto throws darts, Steve shoots archers. If you grasp the strength of the boxers, make use of them thoroughly. In order to destroy the opponent as quickly and intelligently as possible.

Supreme Stickman Fighting mod free

Use weapons in many locations

Before starting the fighting battles, you must choose your character, weapon, and battle location. There are diverse weapons for combat. Choose between swords, bows, spears or scythes according to your familiar fighting style. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people who are proficient with only one weapon that can rise to become the strongest player. It is extraordinary and wonderful. In addition, the selection of battle locations is also an advantage when you are familiar with certain terrains. But perhaps you should get used to all to be stronger.

Supreme Stickman Fighting free

Passionate about fighting and show off your skills to your friends? Confront and defeat everyone to become the strongest? The Supreme Stickman Fighter will help you meet that opportunity. Take some time to practice fighting small opponents. Then go out and fight with the strongest. This arena is where you can get creative with any strategy. Just download the Supreme Stickman Fighter mod and enjoy it.

How to Download & Install Supreme Stickman Fighter MOD APK (Unlocked all) for Android


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