Supermarket Manager Simulator MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Energy) 1.0.56

Updated 23/07/2024 (2 days ago)
NameSupermarket Manager Simulator APK
PublisherDigital Melody Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Energy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Supermarket Manager Simulator MOD APK detail?

V1: Menu

  1. Unlimited money
  2. Unlimited energy

V2: Free rewards


Introduce MOD APK Supermarket Manager Simulator

Supermarket Manager Simulator MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Energy) assigns the task of managing a convenience store to the player, you become the boss without even realizing it. The store is built by you, expanded, and managed throughout the entire development process. From decoration to arranging goods into each shelf for sale. Players handle transactions and administration strictly so that no thieves can intrude. You are the one directly importing goods, cashier and taking the initiative every time you run out of goods. Every stage is handled neatly and quickly, only then will the income be stable.

This simulation is designed with many realistic elements, you chat and meet customers daily. The amount of goods sold is enough to recover your capital and gain additional outside profits. The store grows steadily if you manage every step with a specific calculation. You launch a promotion program to attract customers and increase competition among competitors. You prove your management talent and know how to make shoppers happy. Don’t go bankrupt no matter the circumstances. Transform your store to make it stand out and increase sales.

Supermarket Manager Simulator mod

Download Supermarket Manager Simulator mod apk – Become a great manager

Initially, players take over a small store and embark on the simplest tasks. Players import goods in moderate quantities but still ensure a variety of goods. Next, quantify the prices for each product, you can change them depending on the increase or decrease in the market. Display them on shelves, arrange them by category, dry and frozen. Customers automatically come to your store, choose the item they need and pay. At this time, the cashier’s task is performed, collecting cash or swiping cards to ensure the money is in safe hands. Supermarket Manager Simulator warn players of rogue thieves who may rob this money.

Supermarket Manager Simulator apk free

Diverse types of goods

Foods like french fries, meat, eggs, cheese or fruits, milk and more. They are placed neatly on shelves and labelled for each product so that users can distinguish them. All of these products are bought and sold online, you don’t need to go to the warehouse to pick them up, just be at the store and someone will deliver them. Convenience and cheap price are the two top factors that help you save money. Supermarket Manager Simulator APK builds a goods system based on real life, close to everyone.

Supermarket Manager Simulator mod apk

Change the store’s appearance

The player owns the store and has the right to change all equipment and appearance for it according to preference. You expand your operating area, you don’t need many branches, you just need a large enough area. Choose the most popular theme, colours and decorations. New services are continuously updated to keep up with customer needs. To satisfy the most demanding customers, the expanded space will have more goods added to the warehouse. Build guaranteed facilities, Supermarket Manager Simulator APK mod will show you the magic. When your supermarket becomes modern, there will automatically be many sources of customers visiting.

Supermarket Manager Simulator android

Employee manager

When work is overloaded, players need help from others. You start recruiting qualified employees, training them, and paying them well. Supermarket Manager Simulator APK 1.0.56 creates quality human resources, you can choose them to accompany you in the store development process. Please encourage them to work professionally to make great contributions to the supermarket. You work as a team, so the large number helps reduce workload and services are better cared for. Customer satisfaction comes first, try not to keep them waiting long.

Supermarket Manager Simulator

For those without experience, having to take care of the store and charge customers can be pretty heavy. You will gradually get used to this atmosphere happening continuously every day. You also have more companions, but you must choose the right person to not waste time. The money you collect will be set aside for warehousing goods. Calculate money accurately, and increase product prices when necessary to maintain a stable income level. The store is getting bigger and bigger, the goods are piling up, how will you manage it? Supermarket Manager Simulator MOD APK looking for a real manager, controlling input and output in the supermarket.

Mod features of Supermarket Manager Simulator

  • Unlimited Money:

Players make money easily through the exchange of goods, sellers and buyers. You make a profit from imported products, increasing the price compared to the original price. Use the profits earned to upgrade the store and grow stronger.

  • Unlimited Energy:

You operate at full capacity with a series of tasks set in reality. Coordinate work in stable control, ensuring all processes take place according to the rules. Working speed is fast, hands are agile when displaying products on shelves and billing customers.

How to Download & Install Supermarket Manager Simulator MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Energy) for Android


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