Soul of Yokai MOD APK 3.0.26 (Unlocked Premium choices)

Updated on 05/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameSoul of Yokai APK
PublisherGenius Inc
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Premium choices
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Soul of Yokai is the best dating simulation game of all time. According to Google Play, this game has reached more than 771 thousand installs. Soul of Yokai is about a young businessman whose broken heart has not yet been healed. She went to Tokyo to save her sobbing heart and find new love if possible. When you accept the invitation to travel around the world you will see your eyes waiting for each wedding, but everything of the people of the city is not as expected. How was it? What will you do with it? The Yokai world seems to want to fight against humans and brainwash its own to convince them to be evil people. Can you solve things and reconnect with people? Do you accept the offer? There are many questions waiting for you to answer.

After a breakup, women often want to replenish the losses they are going through. Reassure yourself that love will come. Traveling is a great idea in this situation. But in Soul of Yokai, you wouldn’t expect it to be a Japanese monster. Can you find the love of monsters in Yokai’s soul?

Soul of Yokai apk

Download Soul of Yokai mod – A place to meet the love

In Japanese culture, yokai are mysterious creatures, all of which earn the respect and respect of the natives. In Soul of Yokai, when you have the opportunity to come here, you will meet three interesting guys from different races: Hayato a Half Oni, Yukio from Yukio Race, and Tarasas Karasu. You will be extremely surprised to learn that they just want your hand in marriage. However, this is not the sweet thing. Because the greater the darkness, the more aversion to humans will rise within the subconscious of the people of Yokai.

The fiery beauty of The Cocky Hanyo (Half-Oni) – Hayato

He has half human and half Oni, Hanyo has bones to choose from the Yokai world view of man. His downside lies in the conflict between his personality and emotions. This may seem strange, but it is true. Sometimes the biggest challenge is to overcome yourself, you will feel it in this game. However, the guy wants to control the world of Yokai, you have to overcome the biggest barriers to help Hayato fulfill that desire. Of course, you also need to think of someone who will be by your side, the mighty queen.

Soul of Yokai free

Yukiotoko – Yukio flirting is the most beautiful guy

Yukio is the only young man in the Yokai world. With her platinum-colored hair and radiant blue eyes, Yukio captivated women. Everyone has to wobble, praise him. However, Yukio often doesn’t take them seriously. Because he has difficulty understanding the meaning of love. Deep down he still knows for sure that in his heart only girls are human. Can you handle the demonic charm of this guy named Yukio? Not only that, but you are also in control of charms and teach him how to love.

Soul of Yokai mod free

Tengu retreated – Karasu

After being the one who witnessed all the horrible crimes of her brother. Karasu has become strange and aloof. Karasu’s friendliness is only for a while and then dissipates again, contrary to how it feels for you. He is incapable of taking you away for safety or risking his life. Will you be the one to help him overcome his past loss and make him happy again?

Soul of Yokai mod

The concept behind Yokai’s soul

The Soul of Yokai game is playing out in a fascinating story of a genius, the first sign of the good things that are with us. In a world full of strange and mysterious, you – the businessman are looking for new love. A person who has seen the end of a relationship to enter another world. However, things did not go as planned. On the journey, you will be surprised by the upcoming events. The Japanese monsters want your warm little human hand. But don’t be mistaken, the story is not that simple. There will come a time when you realize that the creatures of this world don’t like humans. This incident may be dangerous to you. Your new friends also get hurt at times. But at that time only you can solve it. A story about the strength of love and perseverance awaits you.

You’re probably thinking like us, you want to know more about your three suitors Hanyo, Yukio, and Karasu, right? Don’t worry, we’re giving you a little bit of fun as we dive into Japanese culture. You will become the lover of handsome Yokai guys in the nearest day. Download the Soul of Yokai mod to conquer the hearts of these three guys.

Download Soul of Yokai MOD APK (Unlocked Premium choices) for Android

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