Superhero War: Robot Fight MOD APK 5.4 (God mode)

Updated on 11/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameSuperhero War: Robot Fight APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Superhero War: Robot Fight is an action game produced based on the plot of the movie of the same name. Is a unique combination of role-playing game combined with the tower defense game genre. The game gives you an entertainment space that is both interesting and attractive. Experience being a fruit superhero who can use a variety of weapons. And the main goal is to destroy the opponents who are evil monsters and, at the same time, protect your base and your teammates. Use careful tactics and accompany fellow robots to join the fight. From there, unlock as many neighborhoods as possible to expand your base.

Players transform into superheroes to overcome 50 challenges using guns and swords to fight. There are also additional skills to increase the character’s ability to win. Your Techno base is under threat of invasion by mutant monsters. Collect and upgrade electroluminescent towers and magic towers to better defend this important base. In addition to unique skills, players also need to prepare a discreet strategy. Make the most accurate judgments depending on the situation. The fierce fighting spirit, bravery, and emotional defense of the homeland always exists inside each robot hero.

Superhero War Robot Fight mod

Download Superhero War: Robot Fight mod – Play as fruit superheroes to defend Techno base

After choosing the hero that the player wants to bring into the battle. Armed with the most powerful robot team, they enter the unfolding level of war. When your army is brought to the battlefield, do not hesitate to attack. The monsters in front of you are approaching. The machine will calculate the strength of each side, then create an automatic war. However, at a time of need, the player can use the support skills in the right-hand corner. Whoever is destroyed first is the loser. Move your character through the circular virtual key in the left hand corner. Just kill the required number of monsters to pass the level.

Superhero War Robot Fight mod apk

Heroes and Robots

Superhero War: Robot Fight provides a system of 3 main heroes and seven assistant robots. The three main heroes include a red-haired young man with a robot teammate of the same color. The blue hero standing in the right corner is similar. In the middle is the super hero that combines the powers of the other two heroes. As for the seven assistant robots, there is more diversity in character lines. Including red dragon, green dragon, blue dragon, and purple dinosaur,…Each hero and robot has different powers and moves. Choose the most suitable blends to avoid conflicts of power or strength in only one skill. Even distribution increases your odds of winning.

Superhero War Robot Fight apk

More than 12 types of weapons

Equip legendary weapons to make your army infinite. More than 12 different types of guns and swords, each with a different power. The lightsaber, or blue blade with sharp teeth. Terrorist guns fire high-damage flaming projectiles. In addition, players can also upgrade these weapons to increase their power. If possible, every time you fight, the power coverage of each weapon will be higher. A single impact can reduce the enemy’s health even more. Increased accuracy as well as reduced battle time for players in each level.

Superhero War Robot Fight apk free

Support skills

As mentioned in the previous section, the game offers a number of skills support on the right hand side. These skills can be earned after each goal. When unlocking the daily quest, get a certain achievement. Each time you use them, you have to wait for them to spin one round before you can use the next turn. Aim-shaped positioning assist skill to accurately determine the enemy’s position. For example, the image of a burning bonfire causes the gun to fire to create an explosion and burn enemies. Fire tornadoes contain circles of fire, which can be used when the enemy is crowded to destroy more arrows. There are countless other special support skills waiting for you.

Superhero War Robot Fight android

Each level takes place in different areas, and the monsters are also different. Sometimes inside a dark cave, stalactites have poked from above. Or on the side of a volcano, with bubbling lava flowing beside it. Inside the cold and slippery ice mountain, there was also a fight to the fullest. The enemy team is also purple robot warriors. They are also equipped with a variety of advanced weapons. If the player is attacked by them and dies all the army, you have lost. Download Superhero War: Robot Fight mod Techno base defense robot war.

Download Superhero War: Robot Fight MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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