Shining Beyond MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multiplier) 1.0.35

Updated 26/05/2022 (2 years ago)
NameShining Beyond APK
PublisherXII Braves PTE LTD
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Shining Beyond

In fantasy worlds, we often see miracles happening everywhere. Therefore, it attracts a lot of different players. Join an ultimate battle with warriors of tremendous power. Join Shining Beyond to help our friends fight the darkness. Fight against terrifying creatures that are rising and destroying everything. Bringing light to this land in decline.

The famous role-playing game Valiant Force was created to make us fall in love. It became a huge success and brought fame to the publisher XII Braves. To continue to become even more successful, Shining Beyond was born with such a play. This version will be released in many different markets. Not as limited as Valiant Force and with many more new features. Immerse yourself in a fighting style with a modern and trendy look.

Shining Beyond mod free

Download Shining Beyond mod – Step on the road against eternal darkness

Watching their country fall into turmoil and suffering, the heroes couldn’t stand to watch. They are a threat to this nation and need to be purged. Your task is to help them assemble into a complete team. Use collective strength to defeat all creatures of darkness that stand in your way. There will be character skill boxes displayed at the bottom of the screen for you to use. Every time a skill is released, your character can deal more damage. When you win, you will receive a lot of well-deserved rewards.

The character’s skills will consume a certain amount of internal energy to cast. Use it sensibly so that it doesn’t become depleted quickly. Use only when necessary and finish the enemy quickly. A squad with enough different elements will make it easier for you to coordinate.

Shining Beyond mod download

Gorgeous characters

It can be said that characters with great looks are also a plus point of Shining Beyond. They are designed in the form of Japanese Anime with a pitiful appearance. Everyone has their own unique style and profession. Specifically, it will be divided into four character classes: gladiators, assassins, gunners, and magicians. Each character class has its own basic stats that make it unique. By fighting in duplicates or quests, you can find new characters for yourself. If those characters are not strong enough, summon them to the shop for an affordable price. Create yourself a reasonable and powerful squad to fight.

Shining Beyond mod apk

Fight to be stronger.

Shining Beyond will give you a few featured game modes to participate in. In campaign mode, it will be divided into different levels, from easy to difficult. Each time you complete a level with a high rating, you can get a reward. With the dungeon mode, there will be randomly generated rooms. Each room is filled with monsters, and you have to defeat them to get out. Finally, the tower mode, as the name implies, will attack a tower. Every time you complete a floor, you will be pushed higher along with difficulty is raised. Feel free to choose and change your playing style to increase diversity.

Shining Beyond mod apk free

Challenge the boss

Bosses are terrible monsters with boundless power that few dare to confront. If it doesn’t have enough potential, it won’t be able to deal damage to it. It can even be wiped out with just a few attacks it gives your team. To be able to defeat it more effectively, increase the strength of the squad. Increase the attributes and abilities of the heroes as high as possible. Prepare enough tonics to restore vitality to use in times of need. It is possible to probe with a few matches to see what abilities they have to watch out for. Each boss possesses a fighting power along with a great appearance.

Shining Beyond mod android

Play with others

You may not know. Other players can also join in the PvP mode. This mode has specific genres such as cooperation and support for each other—Raid world-class bosses with destructive power. Participate in guild wars to compete for higher rankings on the leaderboards. Hand-to-hand combat in the arena is only for the strongest teams. When playing with other players, you have the opportunity to show your strength. Show your fighting talent perfectly to win. Shining Beyond mod is the place for you to unleash your full potential.

How to Download & Install Shining Beyond MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multiplier) for Android


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