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Updated on 12/03/2023 (1 week ago)
NameSuper Sus APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Drone view/Wallhack
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Mod menu

  1. Drone view
  2. Wallhack
  3. Maximum light radiation

Super Sus: Who Is Imposter is a new experience similar to the famous Ghost game. You will again experience moments of trying to protect yourself and observing your surroundings wisely. Teammates and betrayal will be a hot topic that is always welcome. Finding out the fake before they can take your hand down is the main goal that you must achieve. The intelligence and ingenious observation will help you survive to the end. Are you ready to experience real and fake games? If making wrong judgments will lead to unfortunate consequences. Will you challenge your intelligence?

The setting is made up of images of astronauts in spaceships. The mysterious cosmic world will become even more confusing for explorers. The mystery is further obscured by the iconic astronaut’s shirt and hat. You, along with other teammates, share a great mission. You and them must protect the spacecraft so it won’t be dropped. But whether you and they are a team or not can not be answered immediately. It all depends on the observance of each member. The inspiration from the psychological game Ghost Wolf and the Squid game is the material that makes Super Sus. Always be brave and wise before all decisions!

Super Sus mod

Download Super Sus: Who Is Imposter mod – Challenge your sensitivity

This is a match between psychology and intellect. If you take on the role of an actual astronaut, you must find a way to live. If you take on the part of an impostor, all you need to do is not get caught. You can take on any role very randomly. The challenge lies in whether you know how to hide or be sharp to recognize who the villain is. The main goal is to protect the spacecraft, but each target’s actions will differ vastly. You will probably preserve the spacecraft properly. But it is also possible that you are the one who will attack the entire crew. The game is a battle of spirit and psychology. Players must be very clever in every action, word, and gesture to protect themselves.

Super Sus apk

Reasoning skillfully and intelligently.

You will become very cautious by combining two popular psychological games, Ghost Wolf and Squid Game. It would help if you observed your teammates’ and other teams’ gestures and words. You have to focus and be very careful to determine who the impostor is. Even the neutral needs to be carefully filtered out. In Super Sus: Who Is Imposter, you have a combination of precaution – impersonation – hiding – neutrality. Your analytical skills after each observation are essential. The unique nature of the game will highly attract players. You must always observe and be careful in each activity and decision. But you won’t know when will annihilate you until that happens. Suspense and mutual distrust are the primary colors of Super Sus.

Super Sus mod apk

Tough but attractive mission

There are many unique missions and challenges that players must overcome. A ten-member team will have very different activities. However, handling your teammates’ tasks is the best suggestion for you to find the traitor. You need to pass the requirements of the quests to bring more gifts. Super Sus designs many exciting ways to enjoy. The outfits for your character are also very unique, with lots of bright colors. Be bold to choose the right company that suits your personality. A favorite company also makes you much more confident. Do not forget to accumulate the ability Gimmicks extremely valuable and harmful. This feature can let you take control of the situation and reverse them in the event of an emergency. This is your chance to protect yourself and keep fighting.

Super Sus apk free

Challenge the ability to communicate

Super Sus: Who Is Impostor scores with players because of the direct dialogue feature. This feature is like a timely release button if you discover someone is an imposter. You only need to turn on the conversation feature to be able to speak up to point out your opponent. All members can hear you talking. This live warning also plays a part in changing the game. Team status and the number of teammates remaining will be updated quickly. The suspicions between the members will create significant changes. The game is even more exciting with the diverse personalities of each character.

Super Sus adroid

Have you yet prepared enough skills before entering the battle of intelligence and psychology? Super Sus requires careful observation and timely decisions. Will you successfully defend your spaceship and your crew as well? Challenging the traitor will be the most engaging one. Download Super Sus: Who Is Imposter mod to allow yourself to experience the mixed truths with your intelligence.

Download Super Sus MOD APK (Menu, Drone view/Wallhack) for Android

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Oh yeah and also root required. I’m guessing

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really good let me tell you
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