Super Mushroom VS Bacteria MOD APK (Free shopping) 1.2.59

Updated 05/05/2022 (2 years ago)
NameSuper Mushroom VS Bacteria APK
PublisherGameday Inc.
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Super Mushroom VS Bacteria

Bacteria are the things that are considered to bring a lot of harm in Super Mushroom VS Bacteria. We have a secret weapon that uses mushrooms to destroy them all. Mushrooms will yield a shield that makes sure to defeat your enemies. You will have an undefeated army to protect the peace it needs. This war, when you lead, will go to victory quickly. Never underestimate the power of team members. Even the strongest enemies will kneel before our destruction.

Indeed we have played the legendary Pinball game on the ancient operating systems of Windows. Its gameplay mechanics are pretty simple but still incredibly interesting. Now with the appearance of Super Mushroom VS Bacteria, that level has been raised to a new level. Giving you unique customizations in terms of features as well as difficulty. Simple operations are still completely preserved. The players themselves will create the best ball shots. Quick hands and quick eyes are two significant factors to achieving absolute success.

Super Mushroom VS Bacteria mod

Download Super Mushroom VS Bacteria mod – Destroy harmful bacteria

The rules of the game that you see in Super Mushroom VS Bacteria will be pretty simple and understandable. First, you will have to arrange your existing mushrooms in the garden. Next, bacteria will appear at the entrance to attack your garden. Players need to control two levers so that bacteria cannot get between. Hit them smartly to cause them to take damage and eventually die. The more bacteria appear, the more difficult it is to control the game. You will need to become faster and more vital to get through the more difficult levels. Effort and effort will bring you to the top of this best game.

Dangerous bacteria

Bacterial strains are the things that you need to be careful about with the horror they bring. For example, we will have cyanobacteria, bacteria, cocci, and some other harmful species in the following levels. Each bacteria brings you great difficulty and challenge. There are ones with extremely high speeds that can make you dizzy. Some are extremely powerful and very available to destroy. They can create a lot of significant disadvantages that you have to shoulder. The battle with bacteria is the hardest thing we face. So let’s kill these dangerous pathogens to keep the ecosystem safe, don’t let them attack.

Super Mushroom VS Bacteria mod free

More than 100 levels

The levels you face will gradually increase from easy to complex and more. Players slowly face more disadvantages as the enemies get stronger and stronger. But building your mushroom squad is necessary to generate more damage. Make the process of removing bacteria easy and without too much hardship. Each level is a richly arranged garden so as not to be boring. It would be best to calculate an effective strategy from the beginning to keep the edge. Players will also automatically adapt to the gradual changes from each level. If it fails, you can ultimately try again without fear of any significant damage.

Super Mushroom VS Bacteria mod apk

Powerful Mushrooms

Our legions of mushrooms are warriors who can protect humans from harmful agents. We have a few mushrooms that can be combined in a big fight. For example, the dripping fungus can make the bacteria slippery. Gunpowder mushrooms create created when they collide with enemy bacteria. Each type has its pros and cons that you need to be aware of. But all can be compensated when your mushrooms are raised to a higher level. You will have to use your money to upgrade these mushrooms. Don’t let your mushroom units weaken the enemy. Instead, create the most robust defenses not to let the enemy through.

Super Mushroom VS Bacteria mod android

Enhancement Item

Do not forget about the enhancement items that can help you in battles. It will provide specific abilities to maximize the power of the mushroom. Helps you better cope with the enemies you are facing. There will be a rechargeable battery in the store to increase attack power. Hot dogs help mushrooms. When eaten, they will increase in size to the maximum. Baseball bats can strengthen your bats to hit farther and more muscular. Using these items in important battles will benefit the Super Mushroom VS Bacteria mod.

How to Download & Install Super Mushroom VS Bacteria MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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