Super Idle Cats MOD APK 1.28 (Unlimited money)

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NameSuper Idle Cats APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Have you envisioned this life under the management of cats? Together with the lovely fat cat, build a prosperous farm. Why not? Super Idle Cats will bring a unique and attractive game with a small cat. The fat cat character will own life. You will accompany us to create an extremely developed farm. Lots of challenges for you to test your management. You will have a great entertainment moment with a farm full of fruits.

The little cat is about to become the manager of a giant farm. Your task is with the cat to build and invest in his farm. There are many tasks to do, so you should have a good development strategy. Super Idle Cats will challenge your management ability. The farm is built, and maintaining stability will require a lot of skills. So you and the cute cat have to start doing many things. The first step that cats begin to take control of life is to build their farm. A series of jobs must be done quickly to get a variety of fruit trees soon. The world is in the hands of fat cats and waiting for you to grow together!

super idle cats mod

Download Super Idle Cats mod – Own a funny farm

What could be more wonderful than when you will own a prosperous farm with your super special cat. Build a lot of fruit trees and grow your garden even bigger. In addition, Super Idle Cats allows you to improve your product further. You will open many more farms with larger areas and more diverse fruits. The cats will be extremely excited about this new world. So let’s create a fun and colorful farm with them. This is an excellent suggestion if you are a fan of constructive entertainment. The world of cats and the garden is full of fruit. So get started with the little cat now!

super idle cats apk

Management talent challenge

You and your cat will start with a piece of land that doesn’t have anything yet. It would help if you created a thorough plan before you start building. The strange cats in this world are incredibly fond of eating fruits. Your garden will grow attractive fruit trees. You need to monitor and manage all stages of the organization. You can start with small parcels of land divided by location. Stay tuned to take care of the plants you and your cat have planted. In addition, you also have to pay attention to harvesting and many other studies. They help your farm develop more comprehensively.

super idle cats apk free

Lots of interesting quests

Let’s understand the preferences of the cats that rule the world. Your farm has only one purpose of serving lovely cats. It would help if you grew fruit trees like bananas, coconuts, tomatoes, etc. You will need to use more skills to make this farm grow at its best. Don’t forget to research more topics that affect cats. They enable you to select or adjust the fruit products your farm can produce. These products help you to increase the profit of the farm. Don’t be afraid of risky plans. You can invest more and then sell the old farm and build a new, more majestic place. The feeling that everything you create is gradually growing and growing in scale will be exciting.

super idle cats mod apk

Open up an extraordinary space

You will be amazed at the meticulousness and sharpness of every detail in Super Idle Cats. You have an extraordinarily mischievous and lovely cat. This will be the character that you accompany from the beginning of the game until the farm is formed. A series of lush and green gardens will also gradually appear before your eyes. You will many times feel so proud when you create these farms yourself. They become even more vibrant as your fruit trees begin to bear fruit. A garden mixed the bright green of the leaves and the cheerful red and yellow of the fruits. Lots of rich and fertile land in the park you create!

super idle cats android

Super Idle Cats will ultimately conquer you in terms of the sharpness and fun of the game. You are comfortably entertained but still full of wisdom. You are the creator of great plans for the cat farm. Hundreds of clever strategies to build a cat food farm are waiting for you to explore. Take care and maintain the growth of the colorful fruit farm. Download Super Idle Cats mod to start building a fruit farm serving the ascending cats.

Download Super Idle Cats MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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