Heavy Metal Babes MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High damage/skills) 2.0.0

Updated 11/02/2023 (10 months ago)
NameHeavy Metal Babes APK
PublisherNutaku Publishing
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/High damage/skills
SupportAndroid 4.4+

Please install the official version on Google Play. Download link is deleted at the request of the publisher.Google Play

Heavy Metal Babes MOD APK Information


  • Skill always ready
  • God mode
  • DMG x100

Introduce MOD APK Heavy Metal Babes

In the future, people can invent and own extremely modern technologies. Experience this by joining the mysterious journey of Heavy Metal Babes. Manually use modern weapons to destroy any dangerous people. Meet beautiful girls and work together to become allies. Your love and potential will help you achieve your ultimate goal. Don’t let bad things happen, unfortunately.

If you are a lover of Japanese Anime culture, then Heavy Metal Babes will be for you. Bring in the classic role-playing gameplay that has become familiar to many generations. Amazing 2d visuals with smooth movements. Gives the perfect feeling when performing the necessary combat maneuvers. The futuristic setting with a high-tech breath is reproduced in a variety of ways. Takes you to a place where fantasy is no longer so far away.

Heavy Metal Babes mod

Download Heavy Metal Babes mod – Prevent enemy invasions

In the future world, humans already have many colonies throughout the galaxy. Each colony is managed by cyborgs named XEN. These XEN units will build the facility and recreate the habitat of the place. But one colony had lost contact, and a division had begun to wage a rebellion. Your mission will be to go there and destroy these faulty XEN units and eliminate the threat. Build a team of well-trained female warriors. They will drive powerful combat machines to fight these threats. Your command will lead this team of warriors to the ultimate victory.

Heavy Metal Babes mod free

Collect warriors

To have enough strength to resist the danger coming from the enemies, we need a strong enough team of warriors. There will be more than 21 beautiful girls and 140 breathtaking battle scenes for you. Each girl has her personality and highly skilled fighting techniques. The type of combat machinery they control also exhibits unique characteristics. Complete assigned missions and participate in events to find yourself these companions. What’s more, you can build a relationship with them the way you want. Create a life like you always wanted but couldn’t make it.

Great plot

The plot will be designed according to the happenings that Anime movies often have. You will travel on a spaceship full of beautiful and unique girls take and take the necessary actions to start capturing their attention. From there, chat with anyone you feel like completing the assigned tasks. From there, discover the secret deep inside these confident people. Are they helping you, or is there a conspiracy behind them? Only by going forward can you find out what lies behind this brutal war.

Heavy Metal Babes mod apk

Powerful ability

Building an effective combat formation is extremely important to you. So keep an eye out for the abilities that each warrior can contribute to the squad. Some people can deal a lot of damage, heal or block attacks, and you can combine all these conditions to get the best advantage. Otherwise, it can also be more powerful or defensive depending on the style of play. Enemies can also counter the power of some types of tactics, so be careful. Can survey the situation before deciding to attack somewhere. Carefully study the possible effects of each type of formation.

Heavy Metal Babes mod android

Challenge other players

Do you feel your squad is enough to sweep all enemies on the battlefield? Not sure because there are a lot of people like you out there. They have highly terrible combat formations and are even much better than yours. After participating in PvP mode, the system will find you a random opponent, and it is impossible to know in advance whether their squad is stronger or weaker. You can only fight hard to try not to lose. If you win, you will receive ranking points as well as valuable resources. If you lose, don’t worry because you won’t lose anything at all.

Overall, Heavy Metal Babes mod is an Anime style game that is exceptionally worth experiencing. Possessing beautiful and sexy female warriors fighting in her ranks.

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1 year ago

Not sure where the mods are in this download, plays like the base game.