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Updated 16/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameSuicide Guy APK
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Introduce MOD APK Suicide Guy

Dreams always have their own meanings, but nightmares do not. A nightmare is a terrifying sequence of events that we cannot explain. This is simply the fear in your mind that is lurking. The only way out of nightmares is to wake up. Complete that nightmare completely and you will be completely liberated. Come to Suicide Guy and start discovering silly and annoying nightmares while sleeping.

Titles that are about dreams are becoming something that some players love. Knowing that the game maker also released Suicide Guy, a puzzle-solving game. You will be deciphered by putting the puzzle pieces together. This is also a game that requires brain thinking to be able to solve. Train you to persevere to be able to get to the finish line. Don’t let life’s circumstances knock you down, be optimistic. The game will require you to spend a bit of money to play, but in return what it brings will be irreproachable. An extremely high-quality entertainment tool is right on your phone.

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Download Suicide Guy – Overcoming the dreams that hold you in

I am an alcoholic and love fast food. You are a person who never seems to be very well-groomed. But you have a problem that when you sleep you will get stuck in it. Sleep will be a time to be transported to different worlds. You are aware of what you have just done, but you cannot wake up from this coma. The only way is to commit suicide in these dreams. Find the things that can kill you to get out of this endless confinement. Feeling unwanted deaths with different things. Try to finish this crazy and scary journey.

Suicide Guy mod apk

Strange places

Every time you close your eyes, you are transported to a whole new place. There will be many places from tall buildings, monuments, or even space. Each of these locations will have a different way of working with different things. Different ways of suicide by different traps. You will die in dozens of strange and monstrous ways of dying. Every time you die, you can get out of that dream and start on the next one through the shop dream. It is a very strange way of liberation for each of us. Traveled to strange places in the subconscious to start a new life, overcome great challenges.

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Useful tools

Objects are the keys to solving your problems. By finding them and bringing them to the right place to unlock different doors. These doors will lead you to the next hidden places. Explore all around and find a way to end this guy’s life. To die is his happiness. Is the only way out of this silly and scary dream as quickly as possible. Each tool has a certain level of usefulness. Don’t miss out on any detail or you’ll be stuck forever. Use wisdom to infer the most appropriate motives.

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Precious statues

The statue is the trophy that confirms your intelligence. Each level contains a statue of this guy. They are hidden in very hidden places or at the end of the level. Winning these statues proves that your abilities are not trivial. Many times they will be hidden in the most unnoticed streets. Only when you are observant can you get them. The statues are made of different materials such as bronze, silver, and gold. They represent the most prestigious and noble medals. You can consider suicide as a new and cool art that needs to be put into practice.

Suicide Guy mod apk free

Complete mission

The main mission is an important thing to help you get into this game more deeply. By completing the assigned tasks you will receive rewards. Valuable rewards can be added to your trophy collection. Make it much more diverse and majestic. Do not be discouraged by difficult tasks, be confident in your path. Sooner or later you will be able to get out of this place. Don’t let these dreams and fears swallow your soul. Download Suicide Guy mod to help the drunk guy overcome difficult challenges. Take part in hundreds of alcoholic’s unique suicide patterns.

How to Download & Install Suicide Guy APK for Android


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