Strange World MOD APK 1.0.20 (Unlimited money, stamina)

Updated on 14/06/2021 (2 years ago)
NameStrange World APK
PublisherSeasun Game Corporation limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, stamina
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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If a survival game requires high skills, good team coordination. Along with so many things to explore in the game, how will you feel? Very excited, right. That’s exactly what I want to say about Strange World. A follow-up product labeled for survival combined with adventure. To choose between Strange World and any other game. I will keep my point as it is fully playable on smartphones. Of course, it’s not just that, what’s the next reason, let me explain.

Fulfill the needs of many gamers. Strange World has a story and gameplay full of detail to every corner. You will be embarking on a journey to discover the post-apocalyptic world. Together reveal the mysteries behind the extinction of the creatures. Accompanied by the strange appearance of previously unknown mutant creatures. Accompanying you is an expedition team. Overcome many difficulties, survive and fight in this terrible mess.

Strange World mod

Download Strange World mod – Explore the post-apocalyptic world

You start the game with the main character. He appeared in this world at random and indefinite. You have to command him to collect that kind of resource. Guarantee on food issues. Build secret bases for residence. Also, research everything here, find out what happened. Perform daily tasks very efficiently and efficiently. Serving for expanding the scale of the base, discovering the mystery, and excavating many monuments. Revealing the veil behind the entire length of history. It can be said that Strange World was also built as a game telling stories in a coherent way.

Can control up to 4 characters in your expedition. Each person will play a different role. Take them on missions such as destroying mutant monsters, transporting goods across places. Make contact with headquarters to report on the situation in your place. With the size of the world enough for more than 40 hours for you to explore it all. Strange World is actually a size comparable to current open-world games like Minecraft or GTA 5.

Strange World mod apk

Go through the main story chapters

Along the storyline is this expedition’s journey to discover this new world. You will travel with them to many different monuments, learn about the destroyed civilizations. Encounter and confront an ancient mutant monster with a peculiar shape. Or creatures who have lost their original nature. Exploit earned resources to serve the production of goods, upgrade the base. Scaling up to many different places. The main storyline is so long that you can spend tens of hours learning about it.

Accompanying adventurers

With you are more than 16 different adventurers. Possessing the special skills of each person with all necessary benefits. There are people who are able to hold monsters off with strong endurance, there are people who can restore their teammates. There are people who rush into battle and do a lot of damage. You have to smartly combine a 4-person squad suitable for each terrain. Can change forces and upgrade them as needed to increase survivability and explore for as long as possible. In general, we are only strong when combined, we cannot stand alone on the battlefield.

Strange World mod free

Smart strategy creation

Next is the weapon system with all kinds of swords, guns, grenades … Equipping each weapon for each person is suitable for it to maximize effectiveness when in difficult battles. Combine them intelligently with formations. Develop a strategy for each land and terrain to turn the situation around if possible. If you make the most of the equipment system, your team will definitely be much stronger.

Strange World mod apk free

Handling many unexpected situations

No matter how strong and coordinated it is. Your team will also get tired from time to time and not be able to explore. After all, they are just humans, and this mechanism is also very practical for a survival game. Then you will have to manage and not let them get exhausted. After completing each mission, go out to search for food to store. An abundance of food is very important. In a world where you can only fight to survive. Take the time to take care of your teammates at any time.

Strange World mod mod

Highly appreciated by gamers who love survival. Strange World has presented a unique and innovative post-apocalyptic world. The arrangement of the story line and the small details accompanying leave a great impression on the player. If you want to adventure and find a way to survive in a completely foreign world. Strange World would be a good candidate. At the same time, it is likely to become a survival game on par with the legendary Minecraft monument, and especially it is completely free. So why not hesitate to try Strange World mod to prove the above is true.

Download Strange World MOD APK (Unlimited money, stamina) for Android

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