Heroes Defense: Attack Zombie MOD APK 1.0.0 (Unlimited Heroes, Free Bonuses)

Updated on 12/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameHeroes Defense: Attack Zombie APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Heroes, Free Bonuses
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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1. Unlimited hero deploy
2. No ads

Heroes Defense: Attack Zombie is a strategy game that combines defense against hordes of zombies. The topic of fighting against infected zombies is no longer strange to the online gaming community. The army of heroic warriors survived the epidemic period. They couldn’t believe that they were the last people left. And the heavy responsibility on their shoulders is to destroy the zombies out there. The first thing is to prevent them from entering the base area and turn them into cannibal zombies. On a large expanse of land, there is a yellow trail leading to your base area. The zombies follow this path to attack.

At the beginning, a pink-haired warrior gives basic instructions on manipulation. And speaking out the plot gives the player a better understanding and grasp of the goal. Through the white text displayed on a black chat bar below the screen. Follow the instructions of the white hand to organize the work. This battle area is a patch of land in the middle of the graveyard, off the yellow trail leading to the base. The surrounding land is divided into small squares by a gray blur. Each of these squares, the player can put one of his warriors in it. Depending on the strategy, the player places the hero’s position reasonably.

Heroes Defense Attack Zombie apk free

Download Heroes Defense: Attack Zombie mod – Tactical defense to prevent zombies from entering the base

Game by level and area, from easy to difficult for players to explore. At the bottom of the screen are squares containing your warrior avatars. Just press and hold on to the hero image and place it in the position you want. These warriors are purchased with a potion containing a blue power drink. This number of energy bottles the player can collect when shooting a zombie. The attack and the collection of vases kept rotating like that. The more zombies are killed, the higher the energy pot is added, thereby buying more powerful heroes and warriors.

Heroes Defense Attack Zombie apk

Five islands

Each battle area is divided into small islands, each containing smaller levels in ordinal numbers. To unlock the next island, the player needs to complete all the levels in front. The area where the islands emerge is a dead sea with wrecked ships and fish carcasses floating everywhere. Each island has a characteristic and contains different strong and weak zombies. The first is a graveyard with gray graves interspersed in a dark forest. Next was a city that had been ravaged and abandoned for many years. Come to the western boulevard with the indifferent desert sands with thorny cacti.

Heroes Defense Attack Zombie mod

15 warriors

Heroes Defense: Attack Zombie offers a diverse warrior system. Includes 15 heroes with different abilities and techniques. To put a hero on the land for war has a different price. But to collect these heroes, players need to pass certain levels. The opening is a commando soldier with modern style armor. Covering the entire face and revealing only romantic blonde hair. Or the cute purple-haired warrior with striking pink sunglasses. The sexy pink-haired warrior carries a terrorist rifle on her shoulder.

Heroes Defense Attack Zombie mod apk

Strong Boss

The massive waves of zombies at the beginning are usually just basic zombies. Or when near the end of the screen, receiving a warning, maybe they just appear more crowded. What makes it difficult for you is that at some special levels, players may have to deal with powerful bosses. They are often the last to appear or appear alone enough to make the player wobble. The ghost bride in a purple princess dress, wearing a dark black wide-brimmed hat. Or the giant zombie player wearing the uniform of the rugby team. Massive muscles emerge, the nurse zombie girl with the pink dress.

Heroes Defense Attack Zombie android

In addition to collecting hero cards, players can also upgrade them. Equip more gems, strengthen weapons and protective clothing. Equip to the strongest level, turning clothes into the hardest materials to destroy. Or guns that can fire more bullets, stronger attack power. Combine elemental stones from many different systems to create the most advanced weapons. Fusion and create the most powerful warrior team, invincible in all wars. Download Heroes Defense: Attack Zombie mod and build a team of heroic warriors to defend against hordes of zombies invading the base.

Download Heroes Defense: Attack Zombie MOD APK (Unlimited Heroes, Free Bonuses) for Android

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