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CHRONO TRIGGER offers a journey through time and space to become the hero saviour of all species. The most incredible adventure ever, making the glorious history of aliens. The story revolves around the periods from ancient times, present and future closed circle. The player has a great responsibility to save the world from hostile forces. Epic quests, dramatic battles that urge you to act. You will be lost in moments of experiential adventure; how will it feel to be an essential person to the universe? Everything is in your hands; good or bad is up to you.

Players assume the role of Crono, an old hero who has made significant contributions to the country. You’re introduced to a girl named Marle at the Millennia Fair, the two of whom have an exhibition of exciting things. The new invention of your best friend Crono has aroused curiosity and exploration in your person. But the carnival had a problem, the girl Marle was injured; you tried to grab her so she wouldn’t melt into a cloud in the multiverse. You gripped her necklace tightly, and then they were through space, lost in another world. The strange thing is that this is where four centuries ago lived, strange things gradually appeared. The adventure without a stop begins!


Download CHRONO TRIGGER mod – explore multi planets and save humanity

A prominent agent CHRONO TRIGGER, challenges you to experience what life in an unusual place would be like? You get lost in the past, live in an ancient area, find a way out of the present and look to the future. Everything in this world is set up; you are free to explore and discover new horizons. People and monsters are participating in this adventure. As a famous hero, how will you go through this challenging time? Things will not be like your home; peace is unlikely to happen. Instead, there are wars between humans and monsters, each side fighting for life.


Exploration through space

This time created by CHRONO TRIGGER, the journey is full of charm that never appears in real life. Explore the multiverse, where time can go back or into the future. You will be overwhelmed with primitive things in prehistoric times, gradually upgrading to ancient times. Dive deeper into the Middle Ages, live in the present and think about the future; that’s a glimpse of your journey. What you encounter will change over time, adapting to each environment. A natural circle is closed, but a stopping point is a place far away from this earth. Miracles through the ages will make for the most memorable adventure in history.


Aid equipment upgrade

In the battles you are about to participate in, you will have to face many difficulties and hardships. CHRONO TRIGGER has created a collection of support tools for players to ease that burden. Graphics, the sound you can adjust, control the fighting force and much more. Each character’s ability to compete is different; there is a strategy that every combination is perfect. You can use more than 50 diverse combinations; the moves are always ready for you. Weapons to fight opponents also need to be added and upgraded quickly. Outstanding combat talent can only be promoted with the support of those tools.


Takedown enemies in battle

When you set foot in the strange world, the first thing that will be caught in the eye of the enemies. Look ahead, look back and make up a plot to destroy you, see you off to the starting place. But your great responsibility is to free people; you can’t leave so quickly. You are also ready to move forward, controlling the fighting force to its fullest according to the proposed strategy. The location of the enemies is flexible according to the time frame according to the time of each stage. It escapes from hiding when entering a new period; a little carelessness will immediately lose track. So observe closely, and take advantage of everything to know where you are.


Such a great quest will be an excellent motivator for you when entering the ages. Miracles always go on; it runs with the time that sometimes you don’t catch up. Facing challenges with enemies will make you much more mature and worthy of the title of youth hero. The saviour of a world is always the bright focus of the people; they are grateful to you. If you bring life to peace, everything on its due date, you complete the challenge. Experience role-playing in a transdimensional situation, uncovering the hidden mystery. Download CHRONO TRIGGER mod going through many periods, understanding and carrying a mission to save humanity.

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