Stickmans of Wars MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode) 4.9.4

Updated 17/05/2024 (6 days ago)
NameStickmans of Wars APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Stickmans of Wars

Become a stickman warrior and engage in wits with enemies in Stickmans of Wars MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode). You will control the stickman in the game, and the shooting battles will have you participating. You will control cute stick people but can use various weapons to shoot enemies. They are stickmen from many parts of the world and are managed just like you. Your imagination needs to be unleashed in matches with available things. Everything is on the map, and your stickman needs to be controlled to pick up weapons. The terrain in the game will be where you unlock the props and weapons that decide the victory.

You are not only an ordinary stickman but also a soldier in this game. The gun battles performed by soldiers under your control will have a military style. And the enemies of the army you hold can be enemies or monsters ahead. The base will be the place where your soldiers return to rest after each battle with the enemy. It would help to build a strong business because the bosses will try to stop your soldiers. Fight those guys who always want to remove you from their survival map for survival. You are the ruler of the army, and the fate of the stickmen in the game is also in your hands.

Stickmans of Wars mod

Download Stickmans of Wars APK mod – Play as a stickman and join the army battlefield.

Take part in the plan of the stick people in the game and establish yourself an army. The battlefields where you and your enemies fight together in the stickman world will be very difficult. You have the task of using soldiers in the military to find resources for building a base. Each combat energy will be accumulated thanks to the crystals, but so can the enemy. They will always want to search for you in a prominent place and profit from your collection. Control the stickmen against their onslaught and prepare to counterattack. Setting up an army with high firepower and equipment for the stickmen will be the first step in your attack.

Stickmans of Wars free

Build a stickman base

For the stickman to continue fighting, you must survive the attacks from the enemy. Your journey begins in a deserted place, and the goal of building an army starts. Each base area will gradually form and become solid over a long time. This place may not be able to withstand enemy attacks at first, but it will become more robust thanks to resources. A lonely place is waiting for your stickman army to come and exploit resources. They will be the energy source for your base to develop and become the most stable. So start building a base for your army before any enemies come forward.

Stickmans of Wars apk

Equip weapons

Each weapon your stickman uses in combat will determine the outcome. Under your control, the stickman will promote his advantages and disadvantages in each match. You can enrich the stickman’s arsenal by collecting each type from combat. They can be pistols for melee or ranged guns to shoot down enemies like AKs. Weapon suitability for stickman will also be controlled by you if there are multiple weapons. You will also upgrade the stickman army with more powerful equipment to defeat the enemy. Weapons with the same appearance will also be merged to create weapons with higher appearance and attack power.

Stickmans of Wars android

Stickman warriors and enemies

Your stickman warriors are not the only ones to be controlled in the game. Other operators are also your enemies with bases and troops. You can compete with other people to train stickmen troops through battles. Test the strength of the stickman by the military zone and the weapons they use to fight. Your stickman soldiers will automatically collect money and resources after victories. Use these to upgrade your army and base and become stronger. Destroy all enemy stickman bases because their appearance can be everywhere around you.

Stickmans of Wars mod apk

Take on an army of stickmen and proceed to lead them in this vast world. Accompanying you in the construction of the base and stickman soldiers are other players. You will have the opportunity to encounter their soldiers at times to exploit resources for you. Defeat them with the ability to control the stickman and shoot to destroy the enemy force. Your base will gradually grow by accumulating equipment for stickmen and upgrading them. Perfect your army control through marches against enemies and monsters. Download Stickmans of Wars APK 4.9.4 to fight the stickman army and get the power to destroy enemies in the dungeon.

How to Download & Install Stickmans of Wars MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode) for Android


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