Stickman War: Battle of Honor MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.1.2

Updated on 30/08/2022 (8 months ago)
NameStickman War: Battle of Honor APK
PublisherJoi Soft
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Stickman War: Battle of Honor MOD APK Infomation

Go into the Endless Battle and see the workers’ gold profits

Stickman game series has never disappointed game players, and Stickman War: Battle of Honor is also one of them. Stickman War: Battle of Honor is a popular strategy game among gamers. Players create a powerful army to serve under their command. When the military is strong, you will control the soldiers to build and protect your base. With the familiar motif of the usual stickman games. Stickman War: Battle of Honor focuses on formation rather than action. Requires you to capture enemy turrets and mine as much gold as possible. The more pillars you destroy, the more territory you will charge.

Set in a medieval setting and design, Stickman War: Battle of Honor opens up a completely different world for players. Beautiful graphics create a vivid and attractive feeling. It is a challenging game and requires you to have a clear strategy. Stickman War: Battle of Honor enhances your mind and planning ability. Every decision you make will affect the game’s outcome, from where to distribute stickman troops, where to build turrets, and how to coordinate forces. Everything will be decided and directed by you alone. Each player involved wants to capture the opponent’s stronghold, destroy it, and claim their possessions.

Stickman War Battle of Honor mod apk

Download Stickman War: Battle of Honor mod – become the general of a stickman army and have sharp strategies

Opening Stickman War: Battle of Honor will only give you a few available resources. You need to distribute wisely to win the battle. After winning, you can collect items to improve your army’s stats. It would help if you captured many enemy bases to manage more resources. First, you have to place the miners to mine gold and diamonds and gems. After accumulating a base of gold and diamonds, you pay to buy a fighter. Gradually the player can unlock other army classes one after another.

Various stickman classes

Stickman War: Battle of Honor with a complete set of army genres. The main army is miners with the central role of mining gold and gems. Because in every battle, resources and money will be the essential things. There is also the presence of fighters, archers, healers, and fighters,…Each stickman class has a different role and purpose. But all to serve a common goal is to completely capture the enemy base and protect the central pillar of your side. Standard archers. Powerful, talented magicians. Healers and panacea healers…

Stickman War Battle of Honor mod

Upgrade your army

If you are a newcomer to Stickman War: Battle of Honor, you will only be provided with a few essential stickman names. Then will fight from beginner to advance and collect gold in the mine. After having all the elements that the game requires, you can use them to upgrade the stats for your army. Upgrade the number of each stickman class. Or increase the accuracy of archers and fighters. Speed ​​up the racers. Increases the healer’s healing stat. You can also invest in additional skills such as protective film. It will cover a membrane in front of your army and turrets. Prevent enemy invasion.

Stickman War Battle of Honor apk

Strategy development

With a hand-to-hand combat mode and a focus on strategy building. Stickman War: Battle of Honor needs you to build a tight strategy. Your opponents come from all over the kingdom. And you won’t know how they think. Therefore, you must think more carefully before launching an army somehow. Learn new skills through training in the barracks. With many different skills to help diversify the gameplay and increase the possibility of victory for your army. Along with a massive arsenal of weapons, a complete set of equipment serves many different purposes.

Stickman War Battle of Honor android

The perfect combination of sound and sharp images makes you feel directly involved in the battle. Stickman War: Battle of Honor is an epic strategy game suitable for your mobile. Fierce fighting took place frequently and continuously. The playing field will gather two equally talented armies. To the left will be your base with gold, food, and turrets. On the right is the opponent’s base that you must capture to increase resources. The territories will change every time the opponent changes. Download Stickman War: Battle of Honor mod to become the supreme leader with wise strategies.

Download Stickman War: Battle of Honor MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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