Stickman vs Zombies MOD APK (Dumb enemy, god mode) 1.5.44

Updated 25/06/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameStickman vs Zombies APK
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy, god mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Stickman vs Zombies

Viruses are something very troublesome and dangerous for us as humans. Diseases spread by viruses are always a problem that causes headaches. What if there came a day when a strange virus appeared to turn infected people into zombies. All people in the world will be transformed and become aggressive. Download Stickman vs Zombies MOD APK (Dumb enemy, god mode) now to experience the feeling of fighting in the apocalypse. Destroy hordes of zombies and save the world from catastrophic destruction.

Set in a world where a zombie virus is attacked and spread at a dizzying speed. Humans become irrational zombies and frantically attack and infect each other. You will be the hero surviving to defeat them and save humanity. Game makers have brought us an extremely interesting action game genre. With the legendary stickman 2D graphics that is loved by a lot of people. Stickman warriors and stickman zombies. Very suitable for entertainment after hours of stress and fatigue. Doesn’t make us waste time or money because the game is completely free and for all ages.

Stickman vs Zombies download

Download Stickman vs Zombies mod – Become an apocalyptic warrior

Coming to Stickman vs Zombies APK mod you will be transformed into a warrior. Your mission is to destroy bloodthirsty zombies in your way and rescue humanity. With the easy control mechanism, you can get acquainted very quickly. Don’t spend a lot of your precious time learning the controls. Great for those looking for thrills during a quick break. Just control the lever so that the character can move forward and backward. Use the shoot button to be able to attack zombies with your weapon. Use the release button or throw bombs to aid your attack. The quick and smart controls will make it easier for you to pass the level.

Stickman vs Zombies apk

The weapons are very powerful

To be able to fight smoothly in Stickman vs Zombies APK 1.5.44 we cannot lack weapons. There is a powerful weapon system for you to choose from. Each weapon will have a different shape and characteristics. The shotgun will be able to attack powerful zombies at close range. The submachine gun will have a lot of ammo and can strike at a medium range. Cannon can launch rockets and create massive explosions to destroy many zombies at once. You can flexibly change these guns in combat by pressing the weapon switch button. Immediately the weapon in your hand will be converted. Use them wisely to win quickly.

Stickman vs Zombies mod min

More powerful upgrades

Possessing powerful weapons is not enough, but you must upgrade to become stronger. In Stickman vs Zombies MOD APK, you can upgrade a lot of features. Upgrade yourself to increase HP and buffalo. Upgrade the weapons to higher to be able to increase their strength and increase the number of bullets in the ice. Upgrading your own healing to increase your recovery. The upgrade is very useful for you on the game screen. It allows you to be faster and more powerful to be able to easily kill zombies. Can join and play a harder screen when you have enough power to upgrade. Bring yourself more rewards from difficult levels.

Stickman vs Zombies free

Many forms of dangerous zombies

Not only the usual weak zombie forms, but Stickman vs Zombies also has many other types. Special zombie forms will appear according to each game screen. Each one has its own special shape and different levels of danger. They will make it difficult for you to destroy. For example, the explosive zombie will contain explosives and if it comes near you, it will explode, causing you serious injuries. Giant zombies will be very strong and extremely difficult to destroy. Each hit they hit will make you regret coming near them. There are many other interesting zombies waiting for you in the following levels. Be prepared to fight them.

Stickman vs Zombies mod apk

Stickman vs Zombies also possesses many special features for you to explore. You can create combos by combining buttons in combat. These combos will help you destroy and dodge zombies. Not only that, you can parkour so that the stickman can climb high places and hang himself on it. There are many lands and high levels waiting for you to explore. Put your name on the leaderboards of the game by scoring high. Absolutely playable when there is no network or mobile data. Download and experience now Stickman vs Zombies mod to become a great stickman warrior, unleashing aggressive zombies.

How to Download & Install Stickman vs Zombies MOD APK (Dumb enemy, god mode) for Android


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