Stickman Army: World War Legacy Fight MOD APK (God mode) 1.07

Updated on 04/10/2021 (1 year ago)
NameStickman Army: World War Legacy Fight APK
PublisherKoco Games
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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If you want to find yourself a strategy game with not too heavy capacity, Stickman Army: World War Legacy Fight will be an option you should not ignore. The war between the two factions of humans and demons will never end as long as you complete this game. Stickman Army: World War Legacy Fight is the synthesis of all the chaos and the smartest of a talented commander. Direct your army to fight against the enemy. Defeat the entire army of enemies to destroy them once and for all. On a simple graphic background but surprisingly challenging gameplay.

As a strategy game, it is impossible to play out of order. Your job as a commander is to concentrate your forces. Fight against many enemies who are trying to invade our base. Based on a lot of different weapons and powers. Additional warriors to fight anytime ready. Appropriately use the strength of each force to make it easier to deal with the enemy. Throughout the game, the screen will be challenged with such diverse thinking.

Stickman Army WWLF mod

Download Stickman Army: World War Legacy Fight mod – Attractive army stickman fight

Simulating war between two opposing factions, Stickman Army: World War Legacy Fight includes many consecutive battles for you to command all of them and ranging from minor skirmishes to many decisive total fighting. You will find ways to summon your army forces to resist the onslaught of many different enemies. Only when one faction can destroy the other is the game over. Combines exciting role-playing and tactical gameplay. Make sure you will be swept up in the battles until the final stages of the game.

At the beginning of the battle, you will have for yourself two types of resources to summon troops. Those two types of resources are food and military weapons. Food is used to summon warriors who will fight until they die on the battlefield. This is the main force that makes it easier to overwhelm the enemy. The second is that military morale is slightly different from creating spectacular firing waves to suppress the enemy. With only a few short seconds, it will create an advantage for your force.

Stickman Army WWLF mod apk

Strong elite army

The military force is what plays the most crucial role in your campaign. Depending on the different stages, you can own warriors in increasing numbers. Through many levels, you will unlock more powerful troops and weapons. Each force will consume a certain amount of food and morale. And the resources in each level are not limitless. If you do not know how to use it properly, you can lose at any time. Know when to summon gunners, gunners, and fighters to fight the enemy. Combine many warriors to create the perfect squad.

Stickman Army WWLF mod apk free

Enemies frightening variety

For each level, we will face many different types of enemies. However, they are still on the same side and are always ready to work together to defeat us. They look like demons with much larger bodies. Possessing races such as giants and ruthless assassins. In addition, their weapons are not inferior to humans at all. Overall, it’s not too difficult to deal with on a game screen. However, it will be a big problem in all-out battles. You have to make counter picks and bring in your most limited squad. Can you create a breakthrough to suppress all enemies?

Upgrade stats

Each warrior in your army has unique stats for each type. For example, armed troops will have very high movement speed. High-damage combat vehicles compensate with slow speed. To fight many enemies in the following levels, it is imperative to upgrade the stats of your warriors. Just use gold coins collected from victories to upgrade. We have the easiest ways to strengthen our faction. Know how to capture the benefits for each type of army to gain an advantage in these cross-cutting battles.

Stickman Army WWLF mod free

From building an army to coordinating to confront enemies, Stickman Army: World War Legacy Fight gives gamers the feeling of becoming a real commander. Take on the responsibility of defending and fighting against all enemies. Use all the resources and advantages you have. Create the strongest squad to confront all the forces of evil. Stickman Army: World War Legacy Fight mod draws players into endless army battles.

Download Stickman Army: World War Legacy Fight MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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