Stick Fight: The Game Mobile MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit)

Updated on 09/02/2023 (2 months ago)
NameStick Fight: The Game Mobile APK
PublisherNetEase Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Onehit
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Stick Fight: The Game Mobile MOD APK Infomation

1 = Yellow
2 = Blue
3 = Green
4 = Red
Otherwise this hack may not work for you! One Hit Kill might end up killing you

1. MOD Menu
2. One Hit Kill
– Only Enemies You Hit will Die (Best Enabled for Matches)
3. One Hit Kill v2
– Anyone who is Not You and gets hit will Die (Useful for farming money by killing the stickman in home screen)
4. Godmode
– Take No Damage
5. Stable Weapon
– Removed Weapon Spread/Recoil/Kickback
6. No Screen Shake
– Remove Screen Shaking Effects

Sticky games are usually simple and don’t invest too much in graphics, so is Stick Fight: The Game Mobile. Although there are no beautiful graphics, what makes up for it is an attractive and entertaining way to play. Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is the perfect choice when you need a fun and time-killing multiplayer game. Fight with friends to see who is the last survivor. Use the weirdest and funniest weapons. Stickman characters with interesting colors possess invincible powers. Compete in the most chaotic arena that is huge and full of tactics.

A good game does not need to have top-notch graphics. Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is the perfect example of this saying. Access to all players in the world. The game puts you in a 4-player arena, and all must carry the goal of survival. To do that, of course, we have to attack each other. Use many humorous weapons combined with ingenious tactics. The way the character moves will help you practice combat skills. It is even possible to reach the ability to kill an opponent within seconds instantly.

Stick Fight The Game Mobile mod

Download Stick Fight: The Game Mobile mod – Unique Stickman Arena

All players can control the character in each match with four virtual keys on the screen. Includes Joystick to move, a basic attack button, jump button and special skill button. Just those four things combined to create countless unique gameplay. Find the fastest way to destroy your enemies to take the lead. You can punch, kick, use any weapon you can find, unleash skills to deal damage. The battlefield of Stick Fight: The Game Mobile will be highly chaotic and equally funny. Until a single person survives, all must fight to the end. Can you prove yourself a winner?

Stick Fight The Game Mobile mod apk

The unique range of weapons

The weapon system is what makes each match in the game more chaotic. There are diverse genres and themes such as guns, cannons, bombs, and sometimes very weird things like a gun that can shoot snakes… The unlimited weapon theme turned the battle into non-fiction. Focus on any particular genre. There are more than 100 different weapons for the players to use in each match. Create the funniest and most absurd deaths on the battlefield. Blast yourself and your teammates and have a lot of fun. You will create a killing party that is not bloody but funny. Take yourself to number one and destroy all opponents.

Stick Fight The Game Mobile mod apk free

Diverse game screen terrain

Another thing that also shows the developer’s care is the game screen. We don’t have to fight on a boring plane. Now the islands in the sky, the arena consists of tall columns, the warehouse is filled with interactive objects… Each level shows a unique strategy. Apply the terrain and objects in that level to your advantage. Set up the perfect strategy before you start playing. You can climb the tall pillars to defend, but be careful because the enemy can destroy them. Use objects to block a path to prevent opponents from reaching. Infinite tactics are up to your imagination.

Stick Fight The Game Mobile mod free

Constantly changing appearance

Avatar store is a place that will help you change your appearance for uniqueness. Also, distinguish yourself from other players. You and your friends will choose a color that you like. Then go to the store and change the color of your character. Battles are inherently chaotic with many effects. Without the different colors of the character, it is difficult to recognize who is himself and the enemy. Sometimes unique colors also give you an indirect advantage. For example, red or orange colours are easy to confuse with the explosion effect. Create your advantage from the simple mechanics of the game. Always hold the victory in hand.

Stick Fight The Game Mobile free

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile mod may be simple but give you and your friends the most emotions. It’s great to have a product that can meet the entertainment needs of many players simultaneously. Enjoy fighting in the vast space. Using many weird weapons with tactics is also not normal at all. Compete to be the last to survive and win the exciting tournament. Mainly there will be cheers and excitement after winning.

Download Stick Fight: The Game Mobile MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit) for Android

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