Stick Cricket Live MOD APK 2.0.11 (Menu, Auto Hit/Always Perfect Hit)

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NameStick Cricket Live APK
PublisherStick Sports Ltd
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto Hit/Always Perfect Hit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

MOD Menu

  1. Always 6 // Always Perfect Hit
  2. Auto Hit // Will Hit the shot for you
  3.  Random Delay // Delays shot to seem legit
  4. Indicate Direction // Tells you which direction to hit in
  5. Speedup Free Bag // Unlock Free Bag in 10 Seconds

Stick Cricket is a quite famous and popular sport in European countries. Stick Cricket Live will show you all that you may not have known. Create the best and most quality matches for players to participate in on their own. Make accurate shots to score higher than the opponent. Get acquainted with the heat from the great and famous arenas around the world. Find and try new things in life.

To describe the most realistic and closest to the players, Stick Sports Ltd has the right direction. That is creating Stick Cricket Live with authentic images and bringing matches that make players feel like they’re there. The sound of cheering and the sound of hitting the ball are compelling. It gives you a closer look at this exciting game and how it is played. Do you want to make historic victories?

Stick Cricket Live 21 mod

Download Stick Cricket Live mod – Make powerful hits

Every year, there are many Cricket tournaments held and attracted a lot of attention from viewers. This is an excellent opportunity for you to find yourself a solid foothold and take advantage of opportunities. There is no need to play a full match as usual. All you need to do is create accurate shots. If those shots pass the opponent, you will score higher. The perfect score will be six, and you need to try to get the highest total score. This requires you to practice and learn hard every day. Improves judgment and agility as the ball approaches.

Unlock and collect cards

If you want a more talented and promising character, then start collecting cards. These cards will be divided according to their rarity classification. Seventeen standard cards, eight rare cards, five epic cards, and a unique hero card. Each card features a depiction of famous Cricket players. Prominent players include Aryu Insayn, Hugh Mungus, Raging Bull, and the legendary Pavel Florin. With the most decisive player, you have to conquer the big matches. Defeat opponents with the ultimate skills to become the new champion. What matters is your skills applied while playing.

Stick Cricket Live 21 mod free

Tool bags

The tool bag is the place to store the items you are hunting. Tool bags can be obtained when you complete a particular task. Get from events or even spend money to own it. In it, there will be cards from common to rare, resources, and good sticks. The bags will be divided into free bags, “run” loads, blue, big red, and extensive green bags. Based on this level, you will get items with the corresponding rarity according to the box. The more you play, the more boxes you are likely to earn every day. Discover what you can get after opening the package.

Stick Cricket Live 21 mod apk

Unlock locations

Thanks to its popularity, Cricket has been present in many different countries. From there, they can appear infamous national stadiums everywhere. Thereby creating matches on the same scale as baseball and football with millions of viewers. The places you will have the opportunity to visit are India, Dubai, New York, Mumbai, London, and many more. Standing in these stadiums is a tremendous honor for the players. To be able to serve the audience, create the most beautiful matches. Become a breakthrough in decisive moments to win a well-deserved victory. You will be the top-class player in the world.

Stick Cricket Live 21 mod android

Side by side with others

Do you have friends on social platforms like Facebook? Then quickly invite them in to play and compete with each other. Skills will determine you, or they will be the more substantial and superior. Challenge all the guys you want in intense matches. Defeat and surpass them to claim your number one position. Everyone’s achievements are recorded and made a leaderboard publicly. If you’re falling behind these people, seriously improve. Do not let anyone have the right to belittle your talent in a specific field.

When playing Stick Cricket Live mod, you not only satisfy your own needs and preferences. Challenge your limit and try to overcome it. You can also enjoy the endless fun of defeating your opponent.

Download Stick Cricket Live MOD APK (Menu, Auto Hit/Always Perfect Hit) for Android

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I love this game

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sir i want stick cricket live new version 2.0.0 with unlimited coins and gems plz plz plz

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