Pool Live Pro MOD APK 2.7.3 (Menu, Long lines)

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NamePool Live Pro APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Billiards is a subject that requires calculation and patience to achieve good results; Pool Live Pro is one of the top billiard stages for everyone to have the opportunity to show their skills. Millions of people are in this game every day to enjoy matches with friends. If you are confident with your skills, why not start now. Standing on the billiard stage with hundreds of cheering spectators. Show each pass with ultimate skill. Indeed this is a game that is highly entertaining and easy to relax.

The rules of billiards are not too complicated and relatively easy to grasp. So if you’ve never played it, don’t worry. The system will guide you meticulously from the first lesson. Until you have become a good billiards player, you will be ready for the matches. Join the big and small tournaments or face off to know your true strength.

Pool Live Pro mod

Download Pool Live Pro mod – World-wide billiards stage real pinnacle

Start practising first to learn how to shoot billiards ideally. The practice table is the place where everyone comes to practice billiards. Even highly skilled players stop by here to practice before many intense matches. You will learn how to line up billiard balls, angle and shoot as the game progresses. The main goal is for the targeted balls to fall into the hole. There are a total of 6 holes on a pool table for you to choose the easiest and most suitable one. Only the last person to shoot the black ball into the hole will be the winner. However, if you let the white ball fall into the hole, you will lose your turn to your opponent’s hand.

Each match will feature two to four players in pairs. The two sides face each other to see which side will hit the ball down the last hole. Two types of balls are equally divided for your team and your opponent to hit the hole. If you don’t hit the ball down the hole, you lose your turn. And if you hit the opponent’s ball, you will also lose your turn. It doesn’t sound straightforward, but it will be easier to understand when playing directly.

Pool Live Pro mod apk

Using realistic physics principles

Shots in billiards will often bounce and change direction when hitting the table’s edge or other balls. This principle is brought directly into Pool Live Pro to show realism and for players to be able to fight without having to get used to new elements. That makes all gamers will play in the most basic way. Aim for the balls on the table to shoot them into the hole. Make subtle corner shots to put the ball into the hole in the most beautiful way. There are many technical skills you can learn while playing. It will bring the feeling of a professional billiards expert. Moreover, using them will easily get victory.

Pool Live Pro mod apk free

Collection of quality sticks

What creates magical balls on the pool table is none other than the shooting bat. Depending on the level of professionalism of the player, the billiard sticks will have many different materials. They enhance the feel of the grip and create epic ball plays. In Pool Live Pro, there is such a difference. The bats will have different prices based on the material. Using quality clubs will shoot the ball much more effectively than cheap clubs. Find out which club is best for you. Take it anywhere to compete with and test its effectiveness. It will be a long companion in your career.

The most prestigious tournaments

The destination of every billiard player around the world is the famous tournament. It’s a place for people to assert their skills and reach world-class. Pool Live Pro has many tournament systems that you will join to prove yourself. Starting from domestic and local amateur tournaments. Then it’s even higher with the world open billiards tournament. Your name will be recorded on the leaderboard when reaching a certain rank. Everyone can see your outstanding achievement. Reaching further and further on the international stage to win many important awards. Your journey to becoming a master has only just begun.

Pool Live Pro mod free

Based on real-life pool experiences, bring them into Pool Live Pro matches to enjoy when you don’t have time to go out and play pool. Join your friends to face off in various competitions with exciting abilities and pacing. Download Pool Live Pro mod to make your wish to play billiards on your smartphone come true. Start your journey to becoming a billiards expert.

Download Pool Live Pro MOD APK (Menu, Long lines) for Android

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