Stick Combat: Battle Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked VIP) 0.3.8

Updated on 07/02/2023 (2 days ago)
NameStick Combat: Battle Simulator APK
PublisherMgif Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Unlocked VIP
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Leading an army to victory can only be Stick Combat: Battle Simulator. This is where you can find yourself the most powerful and skilled soldiers. Help them become greater through battles with other empires. Prove you’re a warlord with outstanding abilities that can train anyone. Turn them into war machines that can dominate the arena. No one has the right to judge your ambitions. All will have to kneel before the great king, who will lead them to a new future.

Simply merging, but Stick Combat: Battle Simulator does not have any boredom as it seems. On the contrary, it also makes us fascinated with what it is gradually creating. The legendary stickmen have now become elite warriors. So get ready to dive into exciting fantasy wars. Strategy is an essential factor for us to win. If you do not think well enough before the enemy, you will never win. That is the law of nature that man can create for himself.

Stick Combat Battle Simulator mod

Download Stick Combat: Battle Simulator mod – Bring the warriors to glory

The enemy is issuing defiance that mocks the nation’s prestige and your control. So war is something we cannot avoid. You will put your soldiers on the battlefield and let them automatically fight. It is possible to arrange an optimal standing position to maximize their advantage. The higher you go, the more you have to merge your soldiers. Instead, create a more advanced version for easy power growth. The more troops and gold coins you have, the easier it is to integrate. So do this until your army is full of monsters with unparalleled strength, ready to fight.

Upgrade to be stronger

There are many versions of warriors that you have never seen in Stick Combat: Battle Simulator. Through each level, the warrior will become a perfect shape. Fusing warriors to a high level can be said to be quite expensive. However, the results, when achieved, surprised us. Warriors become tougher, deal more damage, and win easily. Confronting lower-level opponents will give them a tremendous advantage. It is easy to destroy the enemy and enter the game screen with more terrible difficulty. We will achieve great goals with the help of the strongest legion in the world.

Stick Combat Battle Simulator mod free

It’s getting harder and harder

It can be said that Stick Combat: Battle Simulator is a game of serious difficulty that challenges anyone. If we want to be stronger, we will have to go through a long and tumultuous process. Enemies from other countries constantly have minions with superior strength. If our troops are not strong enough, it will be challenging to win. Especially those who carry weapons and armor that will join the battlefield. The arrangement of the talented squad will significantly affect the victory. Gives you the ability to destroy enemies with nasty attacks from ranged gunners. Those with melee fighting styles have a lot of disadvantages from here.

Line up

Your squad will play a significant role in attacking enemies in different strategic directions. For example, we can create a form with a penchant for long-range attacks. It will allow you to gain more advantage in the early seconds of the match. Also, thanks to the guys in the front block, the gunners behind have more ability to attack. You can use a more melee-oriented formation if you want. This formation will help us finish the battle much faster. Its downside would be the need for soldiers with superior health to join the fight. That way, you can overwhelm the opponent as quickly as possible without them having time to react.

Stick Combat Battle Simulator mod apk

Unlock achievements

The main achievements are the complex tasks you have achieved in this challenging game. Achievements, when unlocked, will give us a large amount of money. First, create an advantage to upgrade your soldiers to become stronger. For example, you can defeat a giant soldier with only low-level soldiers. Defeat Japanese samurai for a medal of honor. Defeat and win a long sequence of levels consecutively without failure. Any task has its own set of difficulties. However, what you get in Stick Combat: Battle Simulator mod is enormous.

Download Stick Combat: Battle Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked VIP) for Android

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