Stick Clash MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.1.3

Updated 27/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameStick Clash APK
PublisherAzura Global
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Stick Clash

If you are a true fan of strategy games, then you definitely cannot ignore Stick Clash MOD APK (Unlimited money) Why can’t you just ignore it? Because all the feelings that a strategy game can give are in it. Stick Clash is a strategy game with fighting elements. But the manufacturer mainly exploits the tactical application. With more than 100 levels with increasing difficulty. Surely the game will not let you down when you download it to your device.

Developed and produced by Azura Global – a world-famous game developer. Stick Clash APK mod is considered one of the best strategy games in 2021. The game takes the idea of ​​a bloody war between tribes to compete for territory. When entering the game, you will transform into the commander of your army. Your mission is to lead the tribe’s army to defeat the enemy, rescue hostages, destroy monsters, earn lots of bonuses and gems.

stick clash apk

Download Stick Clash MOD – Become a smart military man

Have you ever heard of ancient tribal wars? Because in order to compete for land and wealth, the tribes often clashed. Fierce battles are inevitable. Our game is modeled after the war between those tribes. Let’s learn about the game through the information below!

The stickman army

When entering the game, your army will be the blue team, and the enemy army will be the red army. The soldiers are simulated in the shape of simple but cute stick people. Because it is a strategy game genre, the manufacturer wants players to focus on solving puzzles and building tactics to attack the enemy rather than the skill of controlling soldiers.

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Great commander

As the commander of the tribe’s army, the responsibility fell heavily on his shoulders. Are you smart enough and strategizing to lead your army to victory? It all depends on your ingenuity and intelligence. Please rely on the terrain and layout of the battlefield of each match to choose the best path for our troops. Just one wrong move of yours is enough to make the army completely annihilated. A good commander will not let his soldiers fall into enemy hands and die.

stick clash apk mod

Standard gameplay strategy game

The gameplay of Stick Clash APK 1.1.3 is extremely simple and easy to understand. Just go through the first screen or two and you will understand how to play. At the beginning of the game, you will be equipped with a certain number of troops. Then you need to choose the most profitable attack path for the minions. After our army defeats the enemy, the number of stickmen we have just defeated will join our army. The winning factor of Stick Clash is based on the number and level. As long as the above two factors are higher than the enemy, we will win.

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With the standard gameplay of a strategy game, you don’t need to care much about controlling troops. What you need to do is to focus on thinking carefully and skillfully to find the best attack path for our troops. The ways to control the troops and attack the game are: Touch the path, pull the rope to block the way, combine the stickmen to create a high-level warrior,…

Various battlefields

The battlefield of each level in Stick Clash MOD APK is constantly changing and extremely diverse. They will become more and more complex and dangerous, with more deadly traps as you progress to higher levels. With the first levels, the battlefield is laid out simply. It consists of only a few attack lines, each line will have enemy troops ambush. Going to higher levels later will be more and more complicated. The battlefield will appear traps, monsters, enemy troops also equipped with dangerous weapons. You need to get a lot of equipment and weapons for our troops to not be destroyed by them. The equipment will be available in the shop or right on the battlefield of each fight.

Daily rewards

After winning, my troops will receive bonuses, gems, and unique costumes for my troops. In addition, when you log into the game you will also receive daily rewards. Let’s make a lot of money and become the richest tribe in the area right away.

stick clash apkmod

Stick Clash is really an extremely good and attractive strategy game for all ages. Whatever your age, as long as you are interested in strategy building, you can play it. Download Stick Clash mod and become the commander of the most talented and cunning army of the strongest tribe. Use your intelligence to help the army defeat the enemy, rescue the hostages and earn a lot of loot!

How to Download & Install Stick Clash MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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