Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, free purchase)

Updated 17/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameStar Trek Lower Decks Mobile APK
PublisherEast Side Games Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, free purchase
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile

Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile is a simulation game that takes the entire character and setting of the Trek Universe as a model. The theme of space is always a vast topic that every player has a desire to learn. This is also an endless source of inspiration for game makers to choose to develop. The player becomes the captain of a spaceship. And make important decisions regarding the survival of the entire spacecraft. The horror details are also incorporated in the game gently and without revealing. The story takes place among the crew of the Lower Decks to make it easy for newcomers to the game.

The astronauts aboard the USS Cerritos’ Lower Decks were invited to a musical party by the Zebulon Sisters. Everyone on the team was very excited as it was almost their first time attending prom. But before entering the grand party, there should be basic training on the spaceship. Heroes in tight red suits take part in their annual training on deck. The player assumes the role of Boimler and makes the decision to hold this training session. Humorous situations mixed at times of danger create a thrilling yet extremely comfortable atmosphere among the astronauts.

Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile mod

Download Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile mod – Simulate a critical situation for the air crew

Everyone in the team is anxious and wants to quickly participate in the prom. But unfortunately, Cerritos’ host computer was attacked by AI Badgey artificial intelligence. All members are locked in the holodeck and destroy the entire safety guard. The four main members of the crew include Boimler, Tendi, Rutherford, Mariner. Now they must communicate through Star Trek mode. Decisions made after this point need to be thought out carefully and carefully. Any decision you make affects the future of your crew. Bad things will happen, and they can’t join the party, or worse, they might die before being reunited.

Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile apk free

Upgrade your spaceship

The story takes place on a modern and epic spaceship. It houses all the most advanced electronic devices. Under the floor, there is a glowing yellow protective net. On it are placed electronic devices and combat equipment to control the ship. Includes various operating rooms. Pillars with computer boards and wires are connected in an organized manner. Make decisions to collect rare resources. Upgrade them to increase battleships. From a small ship at level 1 up to level 10, you can have three times that space. In addition, there are many protective black poles and supporting devices.

Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile android

Unlock the astronauts

Besides the crew characters that Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile provides available. Players can collect new crews as the game progresses. Everyone has a task and is good at a certain skill. Read their functionality carefully to make a decision whether to unlock it or not. K’Orin has a fierce face with a single eye and a bald head. Short-haired girl with tight yellow astronaut suit. Tendi with a green body and neatly trimmed hair. The guy Rutherford has an artificial eye with artificial intelligence and a gentle face. Each person belongs to different crews distinguished by color or cards.

Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile apk

Interesting story

Each level of Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile opens a new situation. Although they are different stories, they belong to one strong and are not lightly related. The player can unlock the power by pressing the Tab button on the screen. Heroes with the right strength are shown to carry out the mission. Combined with the hands-free game mode, you can still earn gold coins and experience offline. When clicking on the circle containing a blue arrow-like shape on the screen. This is the symbol for leveling up at a constant rate. If you click continuously, the speed will be x1,x4x8 and so on, increasing exponentially.

Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile mod apk

There were researchers wearing blouses as well. It seems that each area square is a different context. There is a square with an island-like background with coconut trees and strange mutant creatures. A square area dedicated to the production and research of clothing. There are moss green machines that channel energy into black protective suits. A square dedicated to living for a tribe. They live and grow crops, unlike in the middle of the universe. Download Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile mod to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the vast universe.

How to Download & Install Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, free purchase) for Android


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