Star Hero Story MOD APK 1.4.33 (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds)

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NameStar Hero Story APK
PublisherSPRING Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Diamonds
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Gold (to activate it, click on the talent icon, and click on level up)
2. Unlimited Diamonds (to activate it, try to buy some energy)

Star Warriors can save us from invasions in Star Hero Story. They carry a flexible combat power that no ordinary person has in their bodies. Use your skills to destroy enemies quickly. Bring a lot of new loot for sustainable development. Expand your influence to other large spaces. The risks that can be encountered are substantial, and one need to be very careful. Find even better things to power these heroes’ mythical abilities in battles.

If we talk about the universe, we cannot ignore the famous games from there. But you don’t need modern technologies to get the best experience. You need something as simple as Star Hero Story to change everything completely. Try using the classic brick-breaking game methods. We’re going to have one of those great stress-relieving times. Instead, exercise the mind in a thinking environment to develop it gently. Destroying items will create an exciting and fun feeling for everyone.

Star Hero Story mod

Download Star Hero Story mod – Defend your base for sure

To begin protecting this universe, you must first understand how it works. The move will consist of two virtual buttons, left and right, displayed on the screen. You need to press on them to move flexibly to the sides. For example, one side can be pressed twice quickly to glide towards it quickly. You need to aim the eggs at the star balls to be able to deal damage to the enemies. After the enemies of all attacks have been defeated, you will win. Passing this level will be the key to unlocking the next level. You will train your skills continuously to become a warrior.

Powerful Weapons

You can see that the weapon is one of the decisive factors in the victory of the game screen. But, of course, the higher the weapons, the stronger your hero will be. Quickly kill enemies with just a few simple attacks that don’t take much effort. There are baseball bats, swords, guns, hammers, and tennis rackets. These weapons are distinguished by their color. The white weapons will be the weakest, then green, blue, and the most robust, purple. It is possible to hunt rare weapons in the lucky wheel and equip the character. Quickly conquer new levels with all your abilities.

Star Hero Story mod free

Potential selection

A character’s potential is a system that affects a character’s combat power. These are like passive skills that give a considerable advantage. For example, if you hit an enemy, you will be given a slight increase in movement speed. Increases damage when hitting multiple targets at once. Although these skillssignificantlynificant influence, they are essential because of their advantages. You can choose one of the options given after leveling up. That way, we can build a skill system that suits us. The higher the level, the stronger and the more difficult things we will face.

Star Hero Story mod apk

Defeat the boss

Bosses are always terrible nightmares that you have to face. Especially when it comes to essential matches, they always make you more likely to fail. Bosses always have a considerable size as well as great damage. More than all the previous enemies that you have met and destroyed. It takes effort to reduce the boss’s HP over time as best as possible with the Star Hero Story mod.

Download Star Hero Story MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds) for Android

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