Spotify Premium MOD APK v8.6.32.925 (Premium unlocked/Amoled)

Posted 1 year ago by Thuỷ Dương
Name Spotify Premium
Publisher Spotify
Size 43M
MOD Features Premium unlocked/Amoled
Support Android 4.1+
Get it on Google Play

Spotify is a high-quality music player with music stores aggregated worldwide. Users will feel the difference of Spotify with other music software. Not only prestige to listeners but also the artists they use as a means of promoting the product. Because of such popularity, the application supports almost all languages worldwide. With nearly 100 million users, there is no need to say too much about it. With the smart feature, Spotify will quickly recommend your favorite genre of music and Podcasts. The combination of sound quality and great features makes Spotify the TOP music app fast. Would you like to try the experience?

Spotify has 2 free and paid versions. For the free version, you cannot choose the song you want and remove ads. It is easy to understand because, in order to have good quality, we have to accept to pay a fee to maintain. However, using Spotify Premium MOD you will experience all the advanced features completely free. Forget the worry of paying monthly bills, from now helps you listen to quality music extremely simply. Do not forget to share with friends to help them discover music on the platform better.


Download Spotify Premium APK 2020 – Listen to high-quality music

Spotify Premium suggests songs that are popular in the world and the country you live in. Quickly capture music trends in all genres without searching. Removing maximum manual manipulation from users, the automation application is extremely convenient. Freely choose by artist, genre, create Playlist … optimize your music store towards the best every time you relax. Besides, Spotify is always improving refreshing constantly for users the best.

Choose to listen to the song you want

With the free Spotify version you are not allowed to choose the song you want, but only play on random mode. Although the quality is good, sometimes you don’t hear the song you want, that’s bad, isn’t it. The Spotify Premium APK MOD allows you to select any existing song on this app.

Create your own Playlist

If you want to add your favorite songs to a separate playlist, immediately create a Playlist. Creating a Playlist helps users do not need to search for songs at the next time. In addition to adding or removing songs, Podcasts from Playlist are also very simple. Unlimited number of Playlist creation, create as many as you want.

Listen to Offline music

Unlike some applications, Spotify Premium does not allow you to download music to your device, but only provides offline listening when downloading. Perhaps due to copyright reasons, users must not control music files completely. But for normal music listeners, this has no effect. This feature helps people listen to music even without an internet connection.


Spotify includes a huge but selective music repository. The audios that appear here are all provided by the author, which is why it is still limited in number in some countries. In addition to quality, Spotify Premium APK is geared to user safety. You can hardly find any such professional application. Whatever your needs, downloading Spotify MOD will meet you instantly. Choose the song you want and relax to get the spirit of work, study now.


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Empire Gaming
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