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Updated 18/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
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Introduce MOD APK VRadio

Radio lovers will love this app. VRadio aggregates a lot of radio stations around the world. All in the app on your compact smartphone. In the last century, cassette tapes were almost the most popular way to listen to news and television programs. Until now, still, some people use them. Modern smartphones are also equipped with radio functions. Just one headset can catch many attractive channels in the country. However, if you are looking for more channels globally, VRadio is what you are looking for.

Providing radio and television stations across the country, even reaching out to the world. Not only are radio stations available on the radio, but television stations with websites are no exception. You can listen to any radio station you want with just one touch. Freely switch between channels quickly. No more going through the feeling of constant tuning like a cassette tape. With a unique and easy-to-use interface, VRadio will be a new experience for those who love to listen to broadcasting stations.

VRadio mod

Download VRadio mod – Listen to radio stations with global coverage

VRadio hosts hundreds of radio stations worldwide. If there is no specific arrangement, all will appear randomly on the application’s main screen. Just click on any channel, and you will be redirected to the location where that channel is broadcast. Then enjoy your favorite shows. That’s how you use VRadio to listen to the radio. The rest is choosing a channel that you love to watch regularly. There are many types of media dedicated to many different audiences. Plus, simple tasks on smartphones and other touch devices. VRadio is very loved and used by many users of all ages. There are no limits or regulations.

VRadio mod apk

Transnational radio stations

The highlight of VRadio compared to other applications is that it is accessible to overseas TV stations. For the country you are in, the number of channels will be the most complete because there is stable coverage. If you want to move to other countries, select the country where you want to listen to the radio. Then the most popular radio stations of that country will appear on the screen. For countries geographically far from where you are, the connection is likely to be interrupted. However, be patient and try a few times again to be still able to access it.

VRadio mod apk free

Save good categories

If you have a favorite radio station, add it to the favorites list. You don’t have to waste time searching for that channel again in hundreds of thousands of channels. There is also an additional function for the user. When you want to listen to a feature repeatedly, record it using VRadio’s recording feature. All broadcasts on that channel will be saved until you turn it off. You also have to pay attention to your current capacity to avoid overload. We will take them out and listen without a network connection when needed.

VRadio mod free

Notice about listening to the radio

There are categories and shows you like that only show during a specific time slot. Sometimes you’re too busy, and you might forget that broadcast schedule. Not miss it is to set the alarm for the time slot you want to listen to the radio. The system will notify you when you start accessing the channel when the time comes. Not only a channel with a category, but we can also set multiple schedules if necessary. Create schedule reminders of categories between different media. Prepare storage and have access ready to enjoy the show on time.

VRadio free

Listening to the radio is a lifelong hobby, and once you have it, you won’t stop wanting to listen to the radio every day. VRadio was created specifically for people with this hobby. Enjoy enjoying famous domestic and international channels. VRadio mod will make you change the range of your favorite TV channels and radio stations.

How to Download & Install VRadio MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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