Spooky Cat MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) 3.1

Updated on 04/06/2023 (4 days ago)
NameSpooky Cat APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Work with your spooky cat to protect homes from evil thieves in Spooky Cat. You will become a companion with cute pets like cats in the houses. But you will not play with them but will perform your protection duties. Your home is a place where thieves visit, so you have to be alert at all times. And cats are susceptible to strange noises that do not belong to the owner. So they will be the suitable animals to start your quest to stop the thieves—accompanying special cats who take on the responsibility of protecting the objects in the house.

Cats are one of the cutest animals, and everyone loves them for it. So owning cats can be considered a joy for homes. But when entering the new world, you will know the new existence of this lovely animal. They are ghostly cats and can exist in the form of spirits. Others do not feel and see their existence, but conversely, you can. And with that unique ability, you see them on a mission to protect the houses. So let the spooky cats patrol your house and stop the thieves.

Spooky Cat android

Download Spooky Cat mod – Drive away thieves with the spooky cat

You will become the handler of special cats and keep the owner safe. Those are spooky cats and can still be as active as they were when living in the house. However, no one knows the existence of ghost cats, and only you can see. And you can transform into them to move to different buildings in the neighborhood. Thieves have targeted this place, and they will find a way to break in. So you must use items in the house to protect the homeowner from thieves. Transform into ghost cats and keep everything in the house out of the hands of thieves.

Spooky Cat mod apk

Spooky cat

Ghosts exist; at least you can see them when you come to the new world. This is where you see special cats, and only you can see them. So you thought of ghosts and guessed right when they were spooky cats. They can live in the house as usual, but the owners do not see them. But you can, and more importantly, you will transform into those cats. So your task when becoming the ghost cat is safely protecting the whole house. Discover the extraordinary power of a particular type of cat as they protect the house from intruders.

Spooky Cat apk

Rescue the owner

You will be a spooky cat and start patrolling all the precious objects in the house. These are the items that thieves want to get, and this is your chance to show off your talent. Only you can control the spooky cat, so rescuing the house will be easier. However, thieves will be wary when encountering unknown obstacles when taking action. And they can use the house owner to intimidate you and make you not dare to act freely. So you must take advantage of the items in the house to successfully rescue the homeowner in safety. Fight your ghost cat against intruders and save the homeowner.

Spooky Cat mod

Rescue levels

Your task is to protect the house safe from the intrusion of strangers. They are criminals and have targeted valuables owned by the owner. So the appearance of you and the spooky cat will be a layer of insurance for the homeowner. But the thieves are brilliant and are still trying to sneak into the building successfully. They can overpower the homeowner and start stealing all their most valuable possessions. So it would be best if you rescued them through different levels of house defense in the neighborhood. With your spooky cat, conquer the levels protecting the safe houses.

Spooky Cat free

You will protect the houses from the intrusion from outside strangers. They were determined to sneak into rich houses and steal what was most precious. And the host will not be able to resist their intrusion, so they will need you to protect them. So the spooky cat will join you to take on the task of rescuing the safe owner. The objects in the house will become the tools you use to prevent and defeat them. And when successfully accompanying the spooky cat, you will continue to conquer the rescue levels. Download Spooky Cat mod to protect buildings with your ghost cat bravely.

Download Spooky Cat MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android

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