Speed Racing – Secret Racer MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.10

Updated on 18/09/2022 (6 months ago)
NameSpeed Racing – Secret Racer APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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My great racer, are you ready to step into the sparkling track of Speed ​​Racing – Secret Racer? This is a familiar 3D racing game but with an interesting role-playing element. Your garage contains hundreds of different steeds. Various colors, each with different skill parameters. Owning a Formula One racing car is no longer a difficult thing for you. Play the role of handsome young masters, generous young ladies. They all share the same passion to be at the top of the race with the lieutenant’s name engraved on the honor board. There are also rare combos for you.

At the beginning of the game, there will be dialogues that guide you on how to join and approach the opponents in the race. Based on the information on the screen, it is known that the winner will win an extremely large amount. With a variety of game modes, you can improve your steering through matches. The cars are all with extremely high speeds of up to more than 300km/h. They are fully equipped with components. Especially when your car is racing on the track instead of emitting gray smoke. Here they will emit mysterious light rings of the same color as their car. Choose the strongest team to increase the value of your name and teammates.

Speed Racing Secret Racer apk

Download Speed ​​Racing – Secret Racer mod – Thunder racing of the elite

The main interface of Speed ​​Racing – Secret Racer is the path to the car repair place, garage, leaderboard, items in the game,… Is a racing project in the arcade genre with fresh gameplay and attract. Components, systems, paint colors… are all modernized and updated to the latest versions. Only click the red Go button on the screen, step on the car and participate in this fierce racing strip. Countless new strategies revealed. Most professional racers go full throttle. Unique map with attractive sparkling light effects. The physical system is easy to control and manipulate the gas pedal.

Super car system

Surely coming to any racing game will be provided with a full range of different cars. Speed ​​Racing – Secret Racer is no exception. There are hundreds of vehicles here, from popular to expensive luxury cars. Big names like Ferrari, McLaren,… Moreover, you can even take your car to a new level and become a limited product. Based on the number of G gold coins, purple diamonds and lightning you own after the races. Buy HP, energy, speed, … to quickly have a breakthrough in the leaderboard. After 10 levels of 3 stars, your car will become the boss.

Speed Racing Secret Racer mod

Various racing modes

To increase experience as well as the opportunity to earn rewards for players, Speed ​​Racing – Secret Racer has created many different game modes. Each mode opens a new track, new opponents, new obstacles. Including speed mode, battle mode, elimination mode, pursuit mode, challenge mode, etc. The game modes are often similar to their names. With the speed mode, you will be put on a track of hundreds of different cars. Then try to speed up as much as you can step to first place. Challenge mode, launched so you can accompany your team. There are only 2 cars on the track, and the winner will get a reward.

Speed Racing Secret Racer mod apk

Character Unlock

Unlike other racing games, Speed ​​Racing – Secret Racer also has a different character system. The driver will show your will and heart. It will initially be a choice  between a guy or a girl who looks normal. After gradually unlocking the character line will be revealed. The young master in the felt hat held a rose in his mouth. The CEO wears super cool glasses. Stylish girl with fashionable purple clothes. Each character has different appearance, stats, experience, …. The higher the character, the higher the chance of winning. But getting them is not easy either.

Speed Racing Secret Racer android

Coming to Speed ​​Racing – Secret Racer, you do not need to care about the rules at all. All that matters is getting the top spot. Hardly participate in weekly, monthly, birthday events,… There are also cumulative tables. After achieving a certain achievement such as collecting a new car, upgrading the vehicle once, unlocking 1 missions…You can get a reward of 1 to 5 purple diamonds. In addition, the combos and special skills also help a lot on the track. Fire wheel, rocket exhaust, protective shield,… These skills can be used many times in a race. Download Speed ​​Racing – Secret Racer to become a tycoon turning the racetrack into your playground.

Download Speed Racing – Secret Racer MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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