Space Cat MOD APK (Menu/Add Gold) 1.9.11

Updated 30/11/2023 (4 days ago)
NameSpace Cat APK
PublisherAta Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Add Gold
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Space Cat

Space Cat MOD APK challenges your ability to control a spaceship to explore the universe. Cats are adventurous animals; you will find them curious about everything new. And in a unique world, you will see cats as the main characters in missions. That is the challenge of controlling spaceships to fly out of Earth and conduct exploration. So, you will be tasked with helping cute cats overcome their journeys. Then, join them in landing on planets and going on adventures. When entering the cat’s journey to explore the universe, prepare for experience in the vast universe.

Your mission when accompanying cats is to adventure with them in space. And with help from spaceships, you can begin your journey to fly away from Earth. So you can freely fly forward towards distant planets. However, they are also the places your cat companion wants to explore. And to do that, control the spaceship to land on each planet. But there will be minor planets, and that’s where you can’t explore. Start the challenge of helping cats overcome journeys to explore the vast universe.

Space Cat mod

Download Space Cat MOD APK – Explore outer space with cats

You will be the one to lead the cats sitting in the spaceship on journeys. That is to leave Earth and begin missions to explore the vast and mysterious universe. There are many planets of different sizes for you to examine and explore. Therefore, cats need you to operate spaceships when flying in space. When you arrive on Earth, you want to learn about, help them land and collect information. You can continue your trip until your cat’s dream of exploration is fulfilled. Join the space adventure as a guide for cats.

Space Cat apk

Landing on planets

Besides Earth, the vast universe has many other mysterious planets that have not been discovered. So, when flying in space, you will see planets with different appearances. And they all hide secrets waiting for you and the cats to discover. Therefore, you need to descend to planets to explore them continuously during your journey. After researching, you can launch the spaceship to leave and head to the new world. However, there will be minor planets that cannot withstand the weight of the spacecraft and will collapse. So you must be careful during spaceship landing missions in Space Cat MOD APK.

Space Cat mod apk

Collect the fish

You will help cats reach outer space planets by landing spaceships. However, outer space is not just planets and sparkling stars. While flying with the spacecraft, you will see many colorful fish flying in space. And they are cats’ favourite food, so you need to find a way to collect them for them. It’s also food for you and your cats to maintain the mission of controlling a spaceship to explore the universe. By controlling the spacecraft to collide with the fish, you can help the cat catch the fish. Collect fish for space survival food and sustain your exploration missions.

Space Cat free

Explore the vast universe

To explore planets, you will descend to different locations in outer space. And the more you advance, the more you will be exposed to mysteries that humans have never approached. However, on journeys of discovery, you are accompanied by lovely cats. So you will have new adventure experiences when flying in space. But exploration missions end when you make mistakes landing on planets. Therefore, you need to land your spaceship in sturdy places to complete the exploration challenge. Join the cats through vast spaces and learn about the universe and planets.

Space Cat android

You will accompany cats flying in space with a powerful spaceship. It has started this journey of discovery on its own but still needs your help. And you can support them by controlling spaceships to land on planets. This will help them explore different places in outer space. However, it would be best if you were careful with minor worlds because they are places you cannot land. And don’t forget to collect fish to get points and food to sustain the adventure. Download Space Cat MOD APK to land on planets and explore them with your cats.

How to Download & Install Space Cat MOD APK (Menu/Add Gold) for Android


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