Sorceress Survivors MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 2.0

Updated on 02/06/2023 (1 day ago)
NameSorceress Survivors APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Sorceress Survivors MOD APK Infomation
Only for rooted devices.

Sorceress Survivors vertical screen action opens the war in the wizarding world. Where you live is the monster village in its peaceful days. Suddenly one-day mutant monsters attacked this place. Everything is mixed up, becoming extraordinarily chaotic and difficult to control. Despite being an apprentice mage, he didn’t have much experience subjugating monsters. The mage you control is still assigned the final task of the proficiency test. Although her ability is a bit clumsy, just practice through many rounds, and you can easily control her. All she does is wish to protect her neighbours.

The witch got lost in an area full of monsters passing by. It is because of your appearance that the monsters quickly come close to you. Your job right now is to use the magic skills learned so far. Use the right moves, full or partial strength. Many times when monsters appear in a rush, you also need to quickly launch a move that can destroy a large area. Just being indifferent for a second or not having enough defense can cause you to be engulfed by a wave of monsters. Surrounding you are the poisonous gases that youkai unleash to stun you.

Sorceress Survivors android

Download Sorceress Survivors mod – Destroy all monsters to complete the level test.

The player constantly moves around the screen in search of monsters lurking around here. Just move your hand on the screen to move and touch the character to attack. Each of your touches fires a ball of fire that shoots towards enemies. If hit, it will create a small explosion. Black smoke from the impact of this attack flared up, then disappeared and turned into gold coins. There is a black horizontal bar appearing at the top of the screen along with the number representing the game screen. Every time you kill a monster, this horizontal bar gradually fills with yellow. When the whole thing turns yellow, it means going to the next level.

Sorceress Survivors apk free

Skill system

As a magician, your girl can use many different types of magic. However, as a trainee mage, your skill treasure is still not high. Collect gradually to enrich your skill system. Starting with the ability to launch an orb surrounded by fiery flames. Or the rain of ice balls that affect a large group of monsters. The potion is green in color with the effect of sedating and hypnotizing monsters. The skill has a clock shape that stops time. From there, you can take advantage and destroy more monsters. Or the black armor that blocked the impact of the monsters.

Sorceress Survivors apk

Fight the boss

Go to special levels when you have accumulated some experience. You may have to deal with powerful boss monsters. They came with the army of small monsters under their barrier. This makes you unable to react because you have to destroy the scumbags and have to confront the boss. These monsters possess skills that affect your strength a lot. You also have to strengthen a lot of luck to win them. Possibly a falcon with a purple neck, it ferociously led a flock of chicks with youkai chicks. Or the brown mutant wolf moving on two legs, followed by a group of green snakes spewing venom.

Sorceress Survivors mod apk

Character upgrade

The Sorceress Survivors’ stat upgrade system is built as a chain link. When entering the stat upgrade area, the player may encounter a gray table. Above are squares with symbols equivalent to individual stats. They are connected by fuzzy lines. Depending on your upgrade choice, this link will light up yellow. For example, the speed indicator is represented by a running foot. Attack stat with a fist shape surrounded by a circle of power. Extended time indicator with clock icon. Heal with a heart shape that grows two muscular arms.

Sorceress Survivors mod

In addition, coming to Sorceress Survivors players are also provided with different types of weapons. If you’re a mage, the player thinks they usually use magic wands. But this game is different, you are also provided with more powerful weapons. Glowing swords, sharp axes, scythes, hammers…Collected through wooden gift chests that appear on your adventure. Download Sorceress Survivors mod to become a trainee mage killing monsters to win a pass.

Download Sorceress Survivors MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android

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