Sorceress Idle MOD APK (Menu/No skill CD) 0.68

Updated 14/02/2023 (10 months ago)
NameSorceress Idle APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/No skill CD
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Sorceress Idle

Sorceress Idle  is a role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy world full of fantasy. Use mysterious spells, and meet interesting new friends. If you participate in the game, you will become the main character – the magic queen. She is a young queen from a faraway kingdom. Previously she was the owner of a prosperous and peaceful kingdom. But unfortunately, she was deceived by the person she trusted the most and was robbed of the throne. Not faltering in the face of difficulties, she set out to confront the enemy. Encountering countless obstacles on the way, but also thanks to this, she met many people’s help.

Your job is to guide the queen so that she can complete her mission. There are many teammates who volunteer to support you, such as humans, mages, goblins, and countless other individuals. On the vast land, there were countless small spirits. As small as it may seem, it can also be harmful and intimidating. Besides destroying monsters, the queen can enlist the gold coins that appear along the way. Besides the gold coins, there are also gray cards and gems. But only when you kill the monster will the items appear as a gift.

Sorceress Idle android

Download Sorceress Idle mod – Become the queen of overcoming obstacles to regain the throne.

Similar to the previous role-playing games you’ve played, character control is relatively easy. In his hand, he held a magic wand. Just move your hand across the screen to control the queen to move, tap and tap on the area you want to attack. The bottom corner of the screen displays images representing the necessary items of the game. Like a round vase with blue color represents your experience. The red vase facing the opposite direction represents the blood energy that you are possessing. If the player is hit by a monster, this pot will decrease. As soon as the battle is going on, you can also upgrade the character yourself.

Sorceress Idle mod

Character upgrade

When you have collected a lot of items, gems, gold, and silver, you can upgrade your character. Start with enhancing your gear and spells and casting spells. There are many types of costumes and weapons provided to players. In addition to the different designs of these equipment, each item contains disproportionate power. For example, the wands are upgraded to the legendary version. They are elegantly designed with sparkling and delicate stones. Or the costumes inlaid with gold and gems also make the player’s body shine. The enhanced strength, combat, and defense stats also make you stronger.

Sorceress Idle apk free


In particular, Sorceress Idle also allows players to own lovely pets. These pets are not only cute but also reliable companions. Each one has its unique skills that are great to support the player. There’s a blue flying dinosaur that screams fire every time you attack. Or the turtle with cute round fat designs that can slow down the enemy’s speed. Or the frog wearing a purple mushroom hat that has the ability to hypnotize a team of monsters. Monsters with large bodies have punches that frighten enemies. Countless pets are waiting for you to nurture and accompany.

Sorceress Idle apk

Fight the boss

But the little monster might not worry you. But if you are familiar with this war, the new boss bosses are considered scary. They possess huge combat energy along with superior movement speed. In addition, these bosses also have a team of small monsters to support. Stream the power they attack that can explode in an area. Create tsunamis, massive explosions, or tornadoes across the sky. Until then, you can use energy amplifying cards to confront. It is not clear whether the victory is in hand, but it also helps you be somewhat more confident in the battle.

Sorceress Idle mod apk

Your teammates participating in the battle are extremely diverse. Witches with dark and dark appearances, costumes, and energy exuding black. Or angels with gentle faces, smooth fairy wings, and escapist white dresses. Each teammate is designed in Japanese anime style. The entire character is not only cute but also carries a tremendous amount of power. Contribute some energy to your resounding victories. The rewards won are all in your hands easily. Download the Sorceress Idle mod to control the queen against the army of monsters and regain the throne.

How to Download & Install Sorceress Idle MOD APK (Menu/No skill CD) for Android


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