Sonic Dash MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Stupid enemy/Unlocked characters) 7.7.0

Updated 12/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameSonic Dash APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/Stupid enemy/Unlocked characters
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Sonic Dash MOD APK detail?


  1. Unlimited money.


  1. Unlimited money
  2. Free shopping
  3. Unlocked all characters
  4. No ADS….

Introduce MOD APK Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash with continuous action-oriented gameplay released by SEGA. Outstanding through the beautiful images unlimited players move avoiding obstacles. Unlike Temple Run 2, Sonic Dash is not endless but still gives players a lot of surprises. Upon opening the game, players can hear exciting sound effects in the style of this game. Immersive into Sonic the Hedgehog then you will be running crazy but awake when avoiding obstacles. However, there is no need to be overly focused for a long time, Sonic Dash allows you to rest. Choose Boosters with 3 favorite items and then start your game right away.

The main control by swiping to the sides of the screen to avoid obstacles in front. You do not need to rotate your phone like other games of the same genre. However, Sonic Dash graphics are highly appreciated for their nice viewing angles while playing. You can easily admire the scene is no different from blockbusters. When curled up, just clicking the screen repeatedly 2 times will not catch up to you. Blended with adventure and action styles, the game makes you endlessly happy. Sonic Dash deserves to be selected in your favorite game list.

Sonic Dash mod apk

Download Sonic Dash MOD – Risky adventure

Intermittent gameplay helps Sonic Dash players never get tired. You can rest as long as you like between transitions to another level. In addition, the diverse map system with a series of beautiful images makes the player overwhelmed. Sometimes Sonic’s movement speed is so fast that you make a mistake in controlling, the game screen will stop. But there are still many options you can continue playing, especially when using Sonic Dash MOD. A sequel to the game has been released. Let’s go on an adventure with many new obstacles in Sonic Dash 2.

Get daily bonus

This feature is not new but it is a gift for players to enter the game every day. You get different gifts like Rings, items … once in the game every day. Try to help Sonic own the best items to run faster on every level.


There are many ways to receive gifts in Sonic Dash in different ways. Choose one of the game suggestions like Missions, Prize Wheel, or Jigsaw. The rewards players can receive are as diverse as XP, diamonds, Rings, new characters, gems, Super Headstart power-ups …

Change character

Currently, Sonic Dash has 8 different characters. Choose the style you want right in the store. A few suggestions for you like: Big, Metal Sonic, Espio, Silver, Rouge, Cream, Andronic. Try exploring what are the differences between them and share them with GameDVA by commenting below. We always welcome your comments.

Unlock the map

Although the Sonic Dash MOD version has helped players a lot, there are parts you have to overcome challenges to get it. The map is one of them, when unlocking a new map there will be many interesting things waiting for you there. Ignoring the default map, the game now has some prominent locations such as Snow Mountain Zone, Green Hill Zone, Temple Zone, Sky Sanctuary Zone, and Mushroom Hill Zone.

Build home for animals

The number of Gems you receive in the game screen will be used to build houses for animals. However, the most important condition is that you need to collect a sufficient number of requests in advance. Sonic Dash has many different types of challenges that keep players constantly exploring.

Sonic Dash mod

The highest score is one of the categories you need to consider. Players easily know their rank. From there know where the position is in the entire player. Sonic Dash takes you from one land to another in the true nature of the adventure game. There will be many dangers around, always careful not to fall into the trap. Download Sonic Dash MOD to use your skills to complete the mission as quickly as possible.

How to Download & Install Sonic Dash MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Stupid enemy/Unlocked characters) for Android


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